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Heroic Publishing
SOLICITATIONS: The Skater debuts in Champions #54

Press Release The newest star in the Heroic Publishing pantheon is the irrepressible SKATER, who makes her comic book debut this month in the pages of CHAMPIONS #54. Beginning in this issue of Heroic’s flagship CHAMPIONS title, Doctor Jimi Tucker dons her trademark purple-and-white costume, puts on a pair of ice skates, and sets out to do battle with the forces of evil, armed with powers over friction, momentum, and inertia that seemingly violate the fundamental laws of physics.

Oni Press
SOLICITATIONS: Wasteland #33 announces dollar price point

Press Release To celebrate the return of Antony Johnston’s WASTELAND, and to kick the series into high gear with a new monthly schedule, WASTELAND #33 will be $1. WASTELAND #33 marks a great jumping on point for new readers with a brand new arc and a brand new artist in Justin Greenwood. So the question becomes: Why the long hiatus?

Dark Horse Comics
DIGITAL COMICS: Dark Horse announces Dragon Age digital comic series

Press Release Dark Horse Comics announced an all-new digital comic series based on BioWare’s dark, fantasy RPG series, Dragon Age™. Written by Dragon Age Lead Writer, David Gaider, and featuring original art by Chad Hardin (Stan Lee’s The Traveler, Web of Spider-Man, The Spirit), the deep and fascinating lore surrounding the Dragon Age universe will unfold, as new adventures will come to light in the comic series.

Image Comics
SOLICITATIONS: The best supervillain in the universe

Press Release The most villainous clique of kids in all of comics will be graduating to a trade paperback volume of GLADSTONE’S SCHOOL FOR WORLD CONQUERORS from Image Comics this November. Originally solicited at a lower page count, once the first 6 issues of this critically acclaimed series were tallied up, the collection clocked in at nearly 200 pages!

SOLICITATIONS: True Blood gets ongoing series from IDW Publishing

Press Release Since the first issue launched in July of 2010, the TRUE BLOOD comic books have become one of IDW Publishing’s most popular titles.  Fans of the hit HBO show were excited to have new, unique stories featuring their favorite characters.  In an effort to give Truebies what they crave – more Sookie, Bill and Eric – continuously through the year, IDW and HBO will launch the first-ever ongoing TRUE BLOOD comic series in spring 2012, featuring new series installments each month.

Dynamite Entertainment
SOLICITATIONS: The Lone Ranger returns to Dynamite Entertainment

Press Release Dynamite Entertainment and Classic Media welcome the return of America’s quintessential Western hero-The Lone Ranger® to the comic world! The masked man returns with a new #1 in January 2012 as an ongoing series. This new The Lone Ranger comic series kicks off with a six-part story called “Hard Country.” To allow new fans to jump into the series, the first two issues will be included within a larger story.  It will then move into a longer, serialized tale, respecting the excellent template provided by Brett Matthews and Sergio Cariello with John Cassaday, setting off on a new…

Image Comics
Mike Vosburg joins Moriarty team

Press Release The world of MORIARTY just got a little bigger with the announcement that Mike Vosburg will serve as guest artist for MORIARTY #7. Famed for his work in Marvel, DC and HBO’s Tales from the Crypt TV series, Vosburg joins writer Daniel Corey and artist Anthony Diecidue in creating a special flashback sequence for the 3rd chapter in The Lazarus Tree storyline.

Image Comics
Nightly News gets hardcover edition

Press Release Image Comics first introduced the world to Jonathan Hickman’s work with his Eisner-nominated THE NIGHLY NEWS back in 2006. He blew the critics away with his fresh take on the medium, incorporating innovative design elements, but never lacking in good old fashioned storytelling. Now Image Comics is proud to re-present his debut series in an oversized deluxe hardcover edition, containing the complete six-issue story, as well as the never before seen original script, an in-depth look at his process, a complete making of and much more!

Bluewater Productions
SOLICITATIONS: Bluewater Productions announce John Lennon book

Press Release In the pantheon of musical legends, John Lennon is at the top of the mountain, if not the king of the mountain. From his time with the Beatles and his solo projects, he asked the world to ignore borders and divisions, and instead he encouraged the average person to embrace what brings people together. And when his life ended viciously from an assassin’s bullet in 1980, the music industry, and the world, lost an advocate for peace, love and true musicality.

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