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Everyone knows it’s all about Matthew, as listeners and readers hang on to his every word.  In two recent MSP episodes, Matthew proclaimed his love for Romona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim series, and Monique from the web comic Sinfest.  As there can only be one – who is going to win?  It’s a cartoon cat-fight in this week’s Major Spoilers Poll of the Week! FIGHT!

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In this issue: It’s a cartoon wonderland, as we seek out braveness, boldity, heroism, and truthiness! Wolverine leads the X-Men (hopefully they don’t go into battle in a giant koala pouch!) New York Comicon! The Devil made Slick do it, at least as far as you know. And the Legion of Super-Heroes goes quietly into that good night… Again. [podcast][/podcast] Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes RSS Feed Podcast Alley Show Notes after the Jump!

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This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast, the Major Spoilers Crew is taking a deep long look at Tatsuya Ishida’s most awesome webcomic Sinfest. From the Wiki: The subject matter of Sinfest is often human nature, with particular attention paid to sexuality and religion. Less frequently, the strip will parody popular culture or indulge in political commentary. There are some recurring types of strip, such as “You Had to Be There” (where the reader is not told what the characters are discussing), “Japanese Calligraphy” (where one of the characters transforms over four panels into a kanji ideograph, usually related to

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