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Sideshow Collectibles unveils Emma Frost statue

Currently available for sale, is a new Emma Frost statue from Sideshow Collectibles. Unlike other Emma Frost statues we’ve seen in the past, this one features the villain in her Hellfire Club garb – which, is really kind of like her regular everyday garb.

Action Figures
Major Spoilers Poll of the Week: Giant Action Figure Edition

Hot Toys recently revealed a new, highly detailed, Captain America 1/6th scale action figure. This comes on the heals of a highly detailed Marvel Black Widow Marvel Sixth Scale Figure, and a basically every Marvel movie version of the Avengers in the last couple of years.  The figure does come with a pretty high price tag – roughly $200 more or less, which makes these figures out of reach for many people. VOTE!

Zach on… Toys? LEGO Everywhere – A Want List Audio Podcast Pilot Episode

There’s no Zach on Film this week, and we really feel bad about it.  And to show that we are always working on things behind the scenes, this week, Zach sat down to record a demo/pilot episode of a show that might make it into the Major Spoilers Podcast Network of shows.  Zach takes on Toys this week! Keep in mind this is a pilot episode that doesn’t have all the polish and shine that a full episode would have. It is simple done to present an idea or a concept for us to build upon in the future. Use…

Iron Man gets life size bust

Currently, I have two Iron Man statues on my desk, and everyone who enters spends a bit of time marveling at the character. Imagine the surprise on visitors’ faces if they could see a life-size bust of the Iron Man Mark 42 suit looking at them as they walk in.