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Or – “A Holiday Fright For Ghouls And Boils Alike!” There’s something really fun about a good comic book horror story (or, for that matter, even a BAD one.)  One of my horrifying memories of childhood was in reading a tale of the uncanny in which an unscrupulous pool hustler was somehow transported to a world of giants and crushed by the very 8-ball he used in life.  What was most horrifying was in seeing the giant player rubbing the bit of schmutz that used to be our protagonist on a rag before re-racking his table, seeing a life reduced

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For those who have been longing for new adventures of Groo, Dark Horse Comics is gearing up for Groo: Hell on Earth. The end is near. The world is faced with insurmountable disasters—the planet getting hotter, glaciers melting, air becoming unbreatheable—that’s even before Groo gets involved in them. You can imagine how much worse things get with him around. Talk about going from worse to even worse. The only good thing is that Groo is back and celebrating twenty-five years of laughs! Groo: Hell on Earth is written by Mark Evanier, with art by Sergio Aragones, colors by Tom Luth,

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