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Marvel Comics has announced that Skottie Young will provide two variant covers for two upcoming Spider-Man issues. The publisher sent Major Spoilers a look at those interlocking covers that sport the recognizable Skottie Young kid spin on Spider-Man.

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Marvel has sent another myterious promo image to promote the One More Day storyline in Sensational Spider-Man #41 (on-sale November 28), and Amazing Spider-Man #545 (on-sale December 27). Make note that both of these issues are still only 399 cents – a whole 100 cents higher than normal. You should also note the release date for both of these titles is approximately one month later than originally solicited. via Marvel

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The sneak peeks from Marvel Comics continues with Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch, Sensational Spider-Man 40, The Order 2, Thunderbolts 116, Ultimate Fantastic Four 45, World War Hulk: Gamma Corps 2, X-Men 202, and X-Men: First Class 3.

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