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Last year, Mon-El came to The CW television series, Supergirl. As season three readies for release, we learn that Saturn Girl will be arriving in National City, too.

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Recently, DC Comics announced they would be “relaunching” their entire line of comics, with new number ones. Along with these new number ones, will be a line-wide redesign for every character. Many of these redesigns have already been criticized, so instead of hating on a bunch of costumes from comic books that haven’t even been published yet, I will be taking a stroll down memory lane, in the hopes of digging up redesigns that should never be forgotten. Join me, will you?

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Or – “The Brains Of The Outfit…” So, last week (theoretically) we looked at the emotional center of the founding Legionnaires, this time around we look at the woman whose strength of will in many ways defined the team.  She is one of the strongest characters in the Legion (perhaps one of the strongest in her world’s history) yet her powers are entirely subtle in nature.  Like her namesake planet, she is an axis around which the LSH rotates, as much a cornerstone of the team as Brainiac 5 or Tom Welling, and she personifies the Legion in ways that

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