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As the RoboCop remake draws ever closer to production, word out of H’wood has another well known actor joining the cast.

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Hot Toys has announced an upcoming Nick Fury action figure that looks totally awesome, and totally Sam L. Jackson.

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Word on the street is Samuel L. Jackson is teaming  with Indomina Group and Gonzo Studios to produce a live action version of Afro Samurai. ”This has been one of my very favorite properties ever since our amazing debut at Comic-Con with the original series pilot out of Japan,” Jackson said. Writer and director will be found later this year, with casting complete by year’s end. via Variety

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Boom StudiosFeaturedMajor SpoilersReviewSamuel L. Jackson

Cold Space – a mini-series co-written by Samuel L. Jackson – got a fair amount of attention on launch, but how is it doing at the three-quarter mark? Find out my thoughts after the jump!

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Boom StudiosMark WaidSamuel L. JacksonSneak Peek

BOOM! Studios has the next installment of Coldspace coming your way this week.  Take the jump for a sneak pf the Samuel L. Jackson and Eric Calderon’s series, as well as other offerings from the company arriving in stores this week.

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Boom StudiosFeaturedReviewSamuel L. Jackson

Put Samuel L. Jackson in a RoboCop suit, land him on a distant planet with two rival factions at each other’s throats, crank the Bad-Ass meter to 11, and you’ve got a comic book series that’s begging to be made. Fortunately, Boom! Studios has you covered with the new installment of Cold Space.

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Boom StudiosDisneyincorruptibleMark WaidSamuel L. JacksonSneak Peek

It’s a big week for BOOM! Studios as the company is set to unleash 7 Psychopaths #1, The Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 #1, Coldspace #2, Disney’s Hero Squad Ultraheroes #5, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: Dust to Dust #1, Incoruptible #6, and Wizards of Mickey #6. BOOM! Studios sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek, that you can check out, after the jump!

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Boom StudiosSamuel L. Jackson

Boom! Studios sent us this teaser image for an upcoming series.  We don’t know any other details, but I wonder if it will be called “Mark Waid is Samuel L. Jackson”? So any guesses?  xXx, Jumper, the upcoming adaptation of Unthinkable, Shaft, or something else? UPDATE: Diligent readers already spoiled the guessing game for everyone else, so… COLD SPACE #1 From legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson and Emmy nominated writer/producer Eric Calderon, the team that brought you the Emmy-award-winning, best-selling Afro Samurai, comes their next original series Cold Space! When an on-the-run outlaw crash-lands on a hostile planet on the

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Much like the public quote fest that took place between Iron Man director Jon Favreau and Marvel over Iron Man 2, Samuel Jackson and Marvel have been talking back and forth through the media for some time as the two tried to work out a deal to get Jackson back in the eyepatch of Nick Fury.  Things looked pretty tense as Marvel did away with Terrence Howard and replaced him with Don Cheadle in the role of Jim Rhodes. The good news is a deal has been reached.  The better news is Jackson has signed a nine – NINE! –

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Iron ManMarvelMoviesNick FurySamuel L. Jackson

Negotiations with Sam Jackson’s people and Marvel Studios doesn’t look like it is going too well.  Mr. Jackson did an interview with the LA Times where he explained his position, and why he may not don the eye patch in upcoming Marvel movies. “There was a huge kind of negotiation that broke down. I don’t know. Maybe I won’t be Nick Fury. Maybe somebody else will be Nick Fury or maybe Nick Fury won’t be in it. There seems to be an economic crisis in the Marvel Comics world so [they’re saying to me], ‘We’re not making that deal.’” Economic

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Frank MillerMoviesSamuel L. JacksonThe SpiritWill Eisner

Here is the cover to the latest Comic-Con magazine featuring Samuel L. Jackson as the Octopus on the cover. I know the first thing out of many commenter’s mouths will be the fact that readers never saw the face of the Octopus in The Spirit comics. As I said over a year ago, the biggest problem with seeing Jackson’s face on screen is the demand for face time. It would be so much nicer if he would have played the entire role in shadow. His voice is famous enough to let audiences know it is him. via Comic-Con International

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Iron ManJon FavreauMarvelMoviesRobert Downey Jr.Samuel L. Jackson

Avi Arad has confirmed Sam “mutha-f**ker” Jackson and Hilary Swank will make appearances in the upcoming Iron Man movie. While he tried to keep mum on what roles they would play, he did let slip Jackson will play Nick Fury. Clearly a bit frustrated, Arad then amended himself. “The Sam thing was supposed to be the biggest secret of them all,” he shrugged. “It’s amazing how it got out.” via MTV

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Frank MillerLionsgateMoviesSamuel L. JacksonThe SpiritWill Eisner

Here’s your uh-oh alert for today! The Hollywood Reporter is reporting Frank Miller is in negotiations with Samuel L. Jackson to play the role of the Octopus, the Spirit’s nemesis who wants to take over Central City (not to be confused with that other Central City). Miller said during an introduction of the project at the Festival de Cannes that Jackson is his first choice to play the evil genius who knows the secrets behind the Spirit. He added that he is beginning to mull different actors to play the comic book hero. Hmmm… While I like Samuel L. as

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Afro SamuraiSamuel L. JacksonTelevision

Samuel L. Jackson is the Afro Samurai in Spike TV’s aptly named Afro Samurai.  This will be a five episode series which puts the samurai in futuristic feudal Japan.  Isn’t that the premise of Samurai Jack?  Whatever… In this original concept idea, Afro Samurai is out to revenge the death of his father.  Looks like this will be a bloody and viloent series, so parents keep your kids away.  Don’t believe me? You can check it out the trailer for yourself over at the offical website. via Afro Samurai (link)

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