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Or – “Named For The Roman God Martius, God Of War…”   Not to be confused with famed Martian general Marvin, whose computers are so complex and naughty… Traditionally, this month has signaled the beginning of the season of military campaigns, and also the time when college basketball generals lead their troops unto the field of battle. For me, working in small-market TV for as long as I did, it’s a month which signals mighty pains in the butt, which explains why this is technically the FEBRUARY edition of RFR. We apologize for the inconvenience… Better to just press on.

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Or – “There Are Old Pilots And Bold Pilots, But Few Old, Bold Pilots…” I saw recently that a clinical study proved that January 25th is the most depressing day of the entire year, scientifically and unequivocally.  While I don’t disagree with that sentiment (especially as it regards the attendance of employees in Midwestern United States call centers) I find it fascinating that somebody actually got paid to try and figure out something that silly and (let’s be honest, here) banal.  Still and all, it’s the kind of story that you read and go, “Yeah, I can see that.”  Thus,

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At his blog, writer Kieron Gillen confirmed that the S.W.O.R.D. series from Marvel will be ending with issue 5. The first five issues are a neat little arc, which will collect into an agreeably intense little trade. It was planned so if the worst did happen – and launching a new ongoing in the current market is an enormously risky business – that it would hold together and wouldn’t leave anything dangling. I haven’t changed a panel in 5, basically, and I’m pleased with where I leave the cast. According to Bleeding Cool, Rich Johnston is already reporting of a

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Or – “Not To Be Confused With “H.A.L.B.E.R.D.”   H.A.L.B.E.R.D., of course, is the Heuristic Algorithmic Lifeforms Built for Exploration and Rational Defenestration, a robot support group to try and stop them from throwing fleshy humans out of windows.  I believe there’s an old expression about knowing being half the battle…

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