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KickstarterPress ReleaseRunnersSean Wang

Press Release The second volume of the highly acclaimed sci-fi comic Runners is now a graphic novel campaign on Originally posting the action comedy about alien smugglers online as a free webcomic at, creator Sean Wang now hopes to raise funding to print the new story, Runners: The Big Snow Job, as a full color graphic novel.

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RunnersSean Wangwebcomic

Sean Wang, the creator of the comic series Runners sent us a quick e-mail to let everyone know that there’s a brand new story arc on the way.  Runners: The Big Snow Job, will appear on the Runner Universe website, and will be in full color.  Take the jump for a peek at the series that is online now.

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free comicsRunnersSean Wangwebcomic

If you have never read Sean Wang’s Runners series, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy as soon as you can.  If you can’t do that, head over to the newly launched website to read the first series Runners: Bad Goods for free.  The series takes a look at a group of alien smugglers who happen upon a shipment that is more than it appears – and then all heck breaks loose. The follow up series Runners: The Big Snow Job, was to be published a year ago by Archaia Studios Press, but will now appear

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InterviewsMeltdownRunnersSean Wang

Image Comics Meltdown met with a lot of favorable reviews. The two-issue series tells the tale of superhero literally and figuratively having a meltdown. The art by Sean Wang was outstanding, and over the last several months, Wang and I have been sending each other e-mails about his upcoming and past work including the recently reviewed Runners and The Tick comics.

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AnimationMoviesRunnersSean Wang

Remember yesterday when I lamented that Runners: Bad Goods needs to be turned into an animated movie? I had contacted Sean Wang about this, and even recommended William Vaughn of the DAVE School to take on the project. Well guess what? William Vaughn of DAVE School approached Sean in 2006 and they DID make a short film based on issue #1 of the series. [youtube][/youtube] I gotta say, except for leaving out the big reveal of the first issue, and some odd voicing (things in your head always sound different than how the finally end up), Runners: The Animated Short

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ReviewRunnersSean WangTrade Paperback

Sean Wang Scores a Hit It seems the more I work, the further I get behind. A month or two ago, Sean Wang sent me a copy of his Runners: Bad Goods trade paperback. I’m just now getting the chance to sit down and review this awesome trade, and can’t recommend it enough.

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