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Or – “Of Course I’m Serious. And Don’t Call Me Shirley.”   Oh say can you see… By the dawn’s early light! What so proudly we hail… In the twilight’s last gleaming? Whose bright stripes and broad stars, In the perilous night… For the ramparts we watched, uh, da-da-da-da-da-daaaa… And the rocket’s red glare! Buncha bombs in the air! Gave proof to the night! That we still had our flag! Oh say does that flag banner wave, Over a-a-all that’s free! And the home of the land… And the land of the – FREE!

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Rude Dude ProductionsSteve Rude

Steve Rude is set to release 13 Variant covers to his upcoming book Steve Rude: Artist in Motion. Thirteen covers doesn’t sound like a big deal until you realize there are only going to be 13 copies published, with 12 for sale to the public. What makes the covers so special? Each cover is a unique original watercolor bound to the book. Prices aren’t cheap, each book will range between $300 and $500 depending on the artwork inside. There is a reservation list for those interested in purchasing one of the copies. Five are already on the list, and interested

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Steve Rude dropped us a quick e-mail to let us know he has a panel on Saturday at the show. RUDE DUDE PRODUCTIONS PANEL SATURDAY 2:30-3:30 ROOM 2 Steve, Baron, Gary Martin, and Jaynelle are scheduled to be on the panel and Steve will be moderating. Steve also let us know he has a bunch of art for sale on his website, including pages from the recently released Nexus 99. via Rude Dude Productions

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NexusReviewRude Dude Productions

Or – “Further Proof That Tom Grice Is WRONG, Sir!  WRONG!” Welcome to Bruce Otter Friday, the day where we do everything we can to steal away the disposable income of former comic fan, Bruce Otter!  I’ve always said that no one’s opinion can really be incorrect, as opinion is merely the statement of the facts as you’ve experienced them.  “I think that Actress X is attractive” is an opinion, with the only truly valid counter-statement being “I think Actress X is NOT attractive.”  A common problem comes when people mistake the statement “I think Actress X is not attractive” as interchangable with the statement “Actress X is not

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