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Some characters work no matter what universe he or she is in. For instance, Spider-Man dealt with other incarnations of himself in the Spider-Verse saga. Honestly, I couldn’t begin to count all of them! My favorite hero is also one that thrives in many different settings. The Batman, this version from Earth One, has returned in the second volume of that series, and it’s an excellent sequel.

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For most of Battle for the Cowl, readers haven’t been privy to the actual gang warfare between Two-Face, the Penguin, and Black Mask.  In The Underground, The Riddler and Catwoman get a first hand look at what is going on, and for Gotham it isn’t pretty.  It may not even be pretty for those who pick up the issue.

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Now here’s an interesting development For those following along with the many reviews Major Spoilers cranks out, my thoughts on Batman Confidential have been quite low as of late.  However, something strange has happened with this Legends of the Dark Knight reboot that kept the series on my pull list – a good story.

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Batman #686 hit stores today, and instantly caused many retailers to raise the alarm over the use of language in the issue.  While we’ve all be treated to the goddamn Batman in All-Star Batman and Robin, the Frank Miller tale didn’t carry the Comic Code Authority stamp on the cover.  Batman #686 does. The revision to the CCA in 1989 specifically states The language in a comic book will be appropriate for a mass audience that includes children. Good grammar and spelling will be encouraged. Publishers will exercise good taste and a responsible attitude as to the use of language

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There’s no doubt about it, Paul Dini was born to write Batman. Keeping true to the title, Dini knocks another one out of the park in Detective Comics 822. This time Batman has competition as the best detective in town, when the Riddler hangs out his shingle. Will Batman be second best? Spoilers ahead.

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