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Have you ever wanted to go back and correct the mistakes you’ve made in the past? I know I would. And every once in a while, we’re given a chance to right what was once wrong (hoping the next leap… is the leap home. That’s right, I used a Quantum Leap reference), and this week, I had the chance to check out one of the corrections of the past, namely Richard Donner’s version of the classic film Superman II. So grab your red cape and read on!

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DC comics has announced that part four of the “Last Son” storyline written by Geoff Johns and Richard Donner has been moved from January to March.  Instead of appearing in Action Comics #847, the 3D issue will move to Action Comics #848. Filling in for issue #847 will be a Dwayne McDuffie (w) and Renato Guedes (a) story featuring General Zod and other baddies from the Phantom Zone. via DC Comics

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After a quick sell out at DC Comics, ACTION COMICS #844 is being rushed back to press for a second printing. This issue features the debut of the new creative team of writers Geoff Johns & Richard Donner and artist Adam Kubert. “It’s been an absolute honor to be a part of ACTION COMICS with Dick, Adam, (colorist) Dave Stewart, (letterer) Rob Leigh, (editor) Matt Idelson and (associate editor) Nachie Castro,” says Johns. “I’m incredibly proud of the work we’re all doing and thankful for the retailers and readers giving our run on ACTION a go.” ACTION COMICS #844 Second

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