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DC Hero History Timber Wolf

Or – “The Man To Whom James Howlett Should Be Paying Royalties…” One of the most common reasons I’ve heard for not reading the Legion (after “Too Many Members!” and “Too Much Continuity!”) is the assertion that their future is too bright and shiny, and all the various Lads and Kids and Lasses too well-adjusted and clean-scrubbed. While I can admit that there is a grain of truth to that, the Legion has it’s share of darker types as well, none more so than the man originally known as The Lone Wolf. Originally a supporting cast member, Timber Wolf was…

Countdown #47

Bricks in the Wall Ok everyone, here it is, the issue that has caused more controversy than Perry White knowing the Red Hood is Jason Todd. It’s a week we see Mary get her powers back, Jimmy needs to open his eyes, and the Monitors go all Sparta.

The Loners #3 (of 5)

Or -“Do You Realize It’s SNOWING In My Room?” I’ve reiterated over and over what bothers me about the Loners: If it’s a superhero comic, and the premise is that the characters are trying to avoid being superheroes (and treating their costumes careers as an addiction) then either they’re going to fail, making them seem weak, or they’re going to succeed, and it won’t be much of a superhero book. This issue takes that inherent contradiction, adds some silly pathos, and at least one emotional outburst worthy of “The Bold & The Beautiful,” and the results are… less than satisfying.

Omega Flight #3 (of 5)

Or – “Would It Kill Marvel To Have A Hero Who Aren’t Emotionally Scarred For Life?” Three words: BETA RAY MOTHA#&$ING BILL! I’ve said for two months now that Oeming has written these issues with the intent that it would be the first arc of an ongoing series. Since the series has been switched over to limited status, this is doubly frustrating. Not only does it feel like we’re watching yet another Marvel title that’s being written for the eventual trade, it seems like a foregone conclusion that Omega Flight itself won’t be assembled until the last issue, by which…

Major Spoilers Extra: Marvel Zombies Vs. Army of Darkness #4 (of 5)

Or – “Latveriaaa… Latveriaaa… You Border On The Adriiiiatic!” So, after three issues of Ultimate Fantastic Four, the five issue original miniseries, another UFF crossover, four issues of this mini, the ‘Dead Days’ one-shot, the Fantastic Four crossover, and the Dead Days one-shot, have the Marvel Zombies finally reached the apex of their coolness? There are only so many ways to say “Everybody dies!” after all, although I prefer the fey, disaffected “You die, she dies, EVVVVerybody dies,” from Heavy Metal, m’self. Is this the issue where the franchise is finally (you should excuse the expression) cannibalized?

Dark Horse Comics
Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Season 8 #4

Or – “Mortal Danger Brings Out The Best In Some People…” Here’s something that strangely entertained me about this issue of Buffy, aside from the story (which is quite good.)  This book is called “Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Season 8.”  The words Season 8 are printed (though perhaps a bit small) on every cover so far.  Yet, on the inside of the front cover, there is a disclaimer that reads “This story takes place after the end of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Season 7.” … I wonder who that warning is for, exactly?

New Warriors #1

Or – “Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss…” First off, a warning: I was a huge fan of the original New Warriors title. In my opinion, the first book was cancelled because Fabian Nicieza left and his replacement didn’t understand the character interactions that made the book tick. The second volume tanked because it tried to be an X-Title, and the New Warriors miniseries was a ridiculous trainwreck, hamstrung by the current Marvel editorial caveat that every team must have some sort of schtick that makes them different from the million other super-teams in the Marvel U.…

RETRO REVIEW: Adventure Comics #434 (July/Aug 1974)

Or – “Ya Say Ya Likes The Horror Comics?  I GOT Your Horror Comics…” Last Monday was a legal holiday…  What this meant for those of us who follow comics was the delay ’til Thursday from the regular Wednesday comic shipment.  What it means to you,  loyal Spoilermaniacs, is that Matthew’s grab bag of recappy goodness has done run dry, and the new comics won’t be out until this afternoon.  I considered reviewing the preview copy of New Warriors #1 from the store, (Gatekeeper Hobbies, Huntoon & Gage, Topeka!  Ask ’em about our Vampirella variant covers!) but wasn’t sure of the ethics of…

Green Lantern #20

Or – “The First Meeting Of ‘The Awkward Silence Club’ Will Now Come To Order…” That table looks quieter than the morning after a drunken road trip to Tijuana. “Wanna stop that WHISTLING??” Hal Jordan’s love life has never been simple, but the DCU’s designated stud muffin’s life just got even more complicated, with a super-powered woman wanting to go praying mantis on him (and I ain’t talkin’ kung fu, here) and a cadre of alien amazons with a grudge. Seems like some days, you just can’t keep the ladies away with a stick… luckily, he’s got a power ring.

IDW Publishing
Star Trek: Year Four #1

60’s flava returns in IDW series It was supposed to be a five year mission, but thanks to low ratings, NBC cancelled the series after three. After some 11 movies, five spin-off series, and more individual episodes than you can shake a stick at, there was still the question of what happened to the five year mission to seek out new life and new civilization. IDW has answered with a six issue series aptly called Star Trek: Year Four. IDW sent an advanced peek at the series. Better set your phasers to stunned as Major Spoilers brings you the advanced…

Teen Titans #47

Or – “It’s An ‘Abused By Bruce Wayne’ Support Group Reunion!” They apparently get a special rate at “Domino Masks R Us” for the case lot assortment… Teen Titans is a book that I keep meaning to get around to reviewing, vacilating as it does between superb and absurd, and now that we have a slow comic week, (and since Steve kindly covered the accompanying issue of Countdown yesterday) I thought we could check in with the junior JLA and their road to recovery after the devastating battle with Deathstroke. Though I’m irritated at the sight of Jason Todd (DC…


Or – “More Than Just Warren Worthington’s Dream Date…” The initial instinct when writing the Hero Histories was to show you the hidden awesome in even the most maligned members of comics’ galaxy of stars. With Karate Kid’s sudden resurgence, (No Ralph Macchio jokes, as they mean something different in comics) we had to touch on Val, and then I felt the need to defend a couple of my boys, Blok and Matter-Eater Lad. But now there’s almost a full-scale revival, with the return of seven Legionnaires, and references to continuity that we never saw, and I feel it’s necessary…

New Avengers: Illuminati #3

Or – “What Happens When The Smartest Heroes Are Neither Smart Nor Heroic…” The first two issues of The Illuminati miniseries can be boiled down pretty succinctly by saying this: Overconfidence and arrogance nearly costs them all their lives. In the first issue, it’s a miscalculation as to the competence of the Skrull Empire, in the second, they overestimate their own ability to resist the phenomenal cosmic power of the Infinity Gems. Every time we see this grouping, they have done something incredibly stupid because they presume to be smarter than everyone else on the planet, and that hubris will,…

Countdown #48

Death of a New God Last week readers got a few clues into the mystery of Jimmy Olsen, Mary Batson stumbled upon a repowered Black Adam, Stinky made the other Monitors angry, and Karate Kid continued to hang out in a JLA cell. So what becomes of our key characters this week?

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