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Two-for-One Review: Countdown to Final Crisis #3 and #2

Though this is a week late, and the review for the next episode will soon be following, I decided that I would uphold my end of the bargain and review Countdown to Final Crisis #3. Mainly, because I want to provide ~wyntermute~ with another review that isn’t 5/5, but also because I said I would review the last 5 issues (assuming that there is a 0 issue).

Hero History
Hero History: The Green Lama

Not Llama. LAMA. Om mani padme hum… the Green Lama strikes, for Justice! The Green Lama, a Westerner who wears the robes of a Tibetan Buddhist monk, recently returned to the public eye as one of the mysterious protagonist in the Dynamite Entertainment comic series, PROJECT: SUPERPOWERS. Although the concept of the series is well publicized, the use of characters whose copyrights have slipped into the public domain, few people know the full history of the individual characters. Today I decided to research The Green Lama, who has one of the most varied of these histories, which ran from the…

Immortal Iron Fist #13

Or – “Round Six!  Good Lord, Are They STILL Fighting?” Iron Fist’s adventure in K’un Lun have been going on now for almost half a year, with twists and turns, the occasional backstab, and the debut of the sensational character find of 2007: Fat Cobra!  But as the mysteries and betrayals add up, and events gain momentum towards the end, I find myself just as riveted as I was when the whole thing began over six months ago… 

Hero History: Andromeda

Or – “Further Adventures In A World Without Tom Welling…” Today’s Hero History marks a watershed in our examination of the history of the Legion.  For the first time, we’re actually going to be looking at THREE different women, bound by a common origin and name, but who are NOT precisely the same character.  Previous Hero Histories have dealt with Legionnaires who might as well have been different individuals between Legion incarnations (Element Lad and Triplicate Girl come to mind) but today’s entrant takes that to the extreme.  In her tenure(s) with the LSH, she showed courage unparalleled, ingenuity without…

Titans #1

– or, I’m writing this comic and I’ll have as many boob shots as possible! The year 2008 came with the full knowledge that DC would soon see the initiation of its Final Crisis. Countdown to Final Crisis was coming to a close, with week after week of mediocrity robbing what may or may not be the best ‘Crisis’ yet of any credibility simply by association. But all that – no matter how good Countdown finishes off and no matter how good Final Crisis will be – pales in to insignificance by Titans #1. And no, I do not believe…

Legion of Super-Heroes #40

Or – “Will Anything Ever Be As Awesome As The Things We Did When We Were 13?” When I was around that age, my favorite things included 1,000,000 Dollar Bars, Playboy Magazine, Choose Your Own Adventure Books, and the movie “The Black Hole.”  Now, the chocolate is too sweet, the magazine not nearly as worldly and wise as I had thought, the books predictable and maudlin, and even the wonder that was “The Black Hole” is marred by my internal cinematographer ripping the scenes apart, critiquing the dialogue, and noticing the primitive pre-digital special effects.  When Jim Shooter was 13,…

New Warriors #10

Or – “Sometimes A Decision Makes Itself…” For some time now, I’ve been wavering back and forth on this title, sliding from casual optimism to hate-filled diatribes on the new New Warriors and the surprises contained therein.  Kevin Grevioux started out strong, with some compelling mysteries, but the reveals we’ve seen thus far have been anti-climactic, and many of the story beats puzzling, to say the least.  This issue is the sixth since I made my customary “Six Issues To Wow Me Or I’ll Have To Drop The Title” resolution…  How will the chips fall?

Countdown to Final Crisis #04

What was supposed to be the backbone of the DC Universe has failed miserably. But nevertheless we are only a few issues away from DC’s Final Crisis. What will we see? Will Batman die? Will we be left with multiple dimensions, or just one? Will Mary Marvel finally grow up? These are questions that we’ll soon see answered. But has it all come too late for Countdown to be counted as any sort of a success?

Nightwing #143

A real joy in my life at the moment is each month getting a new Nightwing comic. For too long Dick Grayson has been underused, abused and misused within the DCU. But finally, Peter J. Tomasi is bringing back one of the original DC heroes to a place where he shines.

Avengers Double Feature! — New Avengers #39

Or – “In Wrestling, They Call It ‘The Rub’… ” The Rub is that moment where an established star uses their credibility to build the popularity of a less-established character, such as when Mick Foley lost to Triple H in a ‘Hell In A Cell’ match, (a match that Foley himself pretty much made famous) making Triple H seem that much more impressive.  In comics, you might recall Captain America stepping aside to let the Wasp be Avengers chairperson, or (more recently) Mr. Fantastic leaving The Black Panther in charge of the Fantastic Four.  This issue is ostensibly about young Mary Sue…

Secret Invasion #1

Oh My God! (make sure you say it like Jonathan Higgins) The Secret Invasion is upon us, and it’s not secret anymore. Who’s a Skrull, who isn’t a Skrull, and just when did all this happen?

Fables #71: Skullduggery Part 1

Let the war begin For almost a year now we’ve been riveted on the adventures of Flycatcher as he reclaimed portions of the homelands in the Good Prince story line. With that war at an end, it’s time for the Fables to kick it up a notch, but first we have to find out what Cinderella is up to.

Green Lantern #29

The story behind the story It has been the underground success of the DC Universe over the past year and a bit, and there’s no need to guess why: it’s Green Lantern, and Hal Jordan is simply one of the greatest characters ever to be written. So to disclaimer this review let me say two things; I love Hal Jordan, and I love origin stories. I disclaimer it for a reason; many of you may have already seen the amount of trash talk that has gone around about this issue of Green Lantern. But as much trash talk is, it…

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