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If you are looking for the Major Spoilers reviews of comic books from the comic book industry, you’ve found it! The best and the worst comics are reviewed each week.

Review: Secret Six #12

Or – “Amazon Meets Criminal Vermin… This Oughtta Be Good.” Recent issues of Secret Six have introduced the character of Jeannette, a super-strong, nigh-invulnerable woman who seems to be a banshee of legend.  She is several orders of magnitude more powerful than any of the other members of the Six, and has performed feats of strength that dwarf anything the other members of the team are capable of…  But, as Qui-Gon Jinn was heard to remark, ‘there’s always a bigger fish.’ 

Review: Adventure Comics #1 (#504)

Or – “The Far-Flung World Of 1935!”   “Boss, boss!  I got the next big thing in them funnybooks!  We’ll call it “Adventure Comics #1!”  This ought to be a big hit, see?  And we’re thinking that if this Adventure thing works out, we’ve got something called Action Comics ready to go, and Detective Comics in the wings, and maybe even a Fun Comics if we’re freeling really froogy.  As soon as we get back from seeing this new play called “Our Town,” we should think of things to put in this here new comics book.  Maybe some sort of future…

Review: Blackest Night #2 (of 8)

Or – “What The Corinthian Was Meant To Be…” In a memorable passage from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Morpheus remarked that a particular image inspired his creation of the nightmare known as the Corinthian.  “A nightmare created to be the darkness, and the fear of darkness in every human heart. A black mirror, made to reflect everything about itself that humanity will not confront.”  Whoever or whatever is behind this Black Lantern Corps, they obviously have similar intent in mind for the heroes of the DC Universe.  So, how do you defeat a foe who wins a fight to the death…

Review: Grimm Fairy Tales #41

In Grimm Fairy Tales #29 (King Midas) we were introduced to Mercy Dante, a character who became quite controversial among fans of the series.  In the issue Mercy fulfilled her plans for revenge against David Frank, a retired hit man who murdered her parents (who were weapon dealers) when she was a child.  A grownup Mercy kidnaps David’s daughter, Trisha, from school one day, and takes her to a warehouse where her father is bound to a chair. Mercy proceeds to shoot Trisha to death in front of her father. You can easily see where the controversy comes in.

DVD Review: Free Enterprise

Have you ever read a book, listened to an album, or watched a movie where at the end, you couldn’t decide whether or not you liked it? You think “This book/album/movie seemed good enough, so why can’t I say I liked it?” I know I have. I usually get this weird, uneasy feeling whenever this happens. Luckily for the majority of you, you don’t have to sit down and write a review about your experience. So bear with me folks, as I attempt to review the film Free Enterprise, and maybe discern whether or not I ultimately liked it or…

Dark Horse Comics
Review: Star Wars: Invasion #1

Sometimes you are lucky in life, and two of your most loved interest crossover.  For the last 18 years, Dark Horse Comics has been giving Star Wars fans a reason to read comics and comic fans a reason to read Star Wars.  This past July, they released another reason in the form of the new series, Star Wars: Invasion. A little background on the Invasion series: it takes place during the series of prose novels known as The New Jedi Order.  The New Jedi Order (or NJO for short) was a massive series that was comprised of 19 novels. Don’t…

Radical Publishing
Review: Hercules: The Knives of Kush #1

Hercules and his four companions are sailing towards Egypt when their transportation is savagely attacked by pirates. The battle doesn’t exactly go as planned and the group are forced to abandon ship and swim towards nearby land. Once there, they decide to assist a hard pressed Queen’s caravan against a marauding bandit hoard and to prove that no good deed ever goes unpunished they are then captured and forcibly taken to the capital city by the very same coterie they had just aided. Their fate is now seemingly in the lap of the gods but Pharaoh Seti has more down…

Review: Kid Colt – One Shot

This week I decide to leave a purchase up to the comic book gods and buy the first non-spandex cover book that I saw on the shelf.  That book was Marvel’s Kid Colt one-shot.  You know, sometimes the gods are crazy, but a good crazy.

Hero History: The Last Legacy Of Krypton

Or – “All The Powers At Once???” When I began the Hero Histories of the Legion of Super-Heroes, my initial intention (after eulogizing the recently-dead-again Karate Kid) was to defend the honor of a couple of my old favorites, which is why we began with Matter-Eater Lad, Bouncing Boy, and Blok. It was some time before I really realized what this particular project needed to be about, indeed what the Legion itself is implicitly about. As we progressed through the history of the Legionnaires, I realized that the point of it all was that anyone, that EVERYONE can contribute to…

Review: Doom Patrol #1

The Doom Patrol are dispatched on another perilous mission which not only has some unexpected repercussions, but also results in the brutal demise of a team member. After returning to their home base the group are reluctantly subjected to a mission debriefing from a priest who in his own personal history has dealt with some serious challenges of his own. The Metal Men have also been sent out to deal with a deadly threat but even though they do eventually triumph over their adversary, it is only with the usual group bickering that always occurs between these elemental characters. Meanwhile…

Avatar Press
Rapid Fire Reviews: The Next Generation

Or – “Sir, I Protest! I Am NOT A Merry Man!!!” Once again, we’ve come to the situation where Stately Spoilers Manor contains far more comics than there are days to review ’em, leading once again unto the Final Frontier… NUQNEH – NOOKNEHH! Phasers on summarize!

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