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Solar Flare, James Haick III, Branko Jonanovic, Song Ye, science, Jamestown Publishing,
FeaturedIndie ComicsReview

Solar Flare #5 is another excellent example of how a team of comics creators can keep one at the edge of his or her seat from issue to issue. Take the jump for a review of the issue!

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FeaturedPacific ComicsRetro ReviewReview

On a recent Major Spoilers Podcast, I referred once again to the worst delay after a cliffhanger in my comic-reading life, but it occurred to me that most Spoilerites have NO idea what I’m referring to…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Ms. Mystic #2 awaits!

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The Rogues, under the authority of Central City PD, have taken down The Flash.  Now, Barry Allen is about to be unmasked and put in jail by his own boss…  Your Major Spoilers review of The Flash #50 awaits!

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FeaturedReviewRoar Comics

The infamous 1980’s franchise returns, promising once again to deliver “freaky fun for everyone!”

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DCFeaturedLegends of TomorrowReviewVideo

Jawiin on youtube has released the latest episode of the Legends of Tomorrow Review Show hosted by Jason Inman! Every week he will review the CW‘s Legends of Tomorrow episode and provide breakdowns and interesting information about the classic DC Comics’ characters popping up throughout the series! This week Ashley Victoria Robinson (The Red Shirt Diaries), joins and they review the twelfth episode Last Refuge:

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dueling review feature
Dueling Review PodcastHawaiian DickImage ComicsMajor SpoilersPodcastReview

This week, we go to Hawaii via Kansas City! Stephen and Matthew check out Aloha, Hawaiian Dick #1 by B. Clay Moore and Jacob Wyatt.

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FeaturedMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers PodcastPodcastReview

This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: I Killed Adolf Hitler! Also, No more Rat Queens, The Nameless City, Powerpuff Girls, Gutter Magic #4, and Leaving Megalopolis #4. Ready for a drink? Good, because we have a bartender for you!

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Amazing Spider-ManFeaturedMarvelReview

SPIDER-MAN!  SCORPIO!  Let’s get ready to rummmblllle!  Your Major Spoilers review of Amazing Spider-Man #10 awaits!

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DCFeaturedGirl On SupergirlReviewSupergirlTelevisionVideo

Jawiin on youtube has released the latest episode of Girl on Supergirl hosted by Ashley Victoria Robinson! Every week she will review CBS‘ Supergirl episode and provide breakdowns and interesting information about the classic DC Comics’ characters popping up throughout the series! This week she reviews the twentieth episode Better Angels:

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FeaturedMarvelReviewSilver Surfer

Norrin Radd faces the ghosts of his past, with Earth hanging in the balance!  Your Major Spoilers review of Silver Surfer #3 awaits!

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A priceless artifact has turned up in Gotham City…  Looks like a job for Selina Kyle!  Unfortunately, the mysterious False Face Society has other plans.  Your Major Spoilers review of Catwoman #51 awaits!

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Action FiguresFeatureFeaturedReviewToysTransformersVideo

Shock ‘n Awe reviews the new reissue of Sever, FansToys’ version of Dinobot Snarl with Diaclone color scheme and chrome pieces.  The guys seem very happy…for the most part. Shock ‘n Awe Toy Reviews:  2 Idiots.  1 camera.  And a review.

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Vikings vs Unicorns_FEATURED
FeaturedIndie ComicsReview

No that’s not a mistake, you read it right.  Vikings vs. Unicorns #1 is a comic book about vicious vikings fighting an even more vicious enemy:  Unicorns!  You know you’re at least a little curious, so what are you waiting for?  Read on your rainbow-colored blood soaked review!

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Black WidowCaptain AmericaCivil WarFeatureFeaturedLegoMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers VideoReviewToysVideo

Another Marvel LEGO build as we get closer to the release of Captain America: Civil War. This week we take a look at set 76050: Crossbones’ Hazard Heist.

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