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If you are looking for the Major Spoilers reviews of comic books from the comic book industry, you’ve found it! The best and the worst comics are reviewed each week.

Review Immortal Hulk #42 Review
Immortal Hulk #42 Review 7.7

The Leader seems to have won… but there’s still a missing piece of the puzzle.  Your Major Spoilers review of Immortal Hulk #42 from Marvel Comics awaits!

Review The Devil's Red Bride #4 Review
The Devil’s Red Bride #4 Review 9.0

In The Devil’s Red Bride #4,  Ketsuko’s day of vengeance against Clan Kamimura is at hand.  But will vengeance still the voice inside her head that urges her to greater and greater acts of violence?  Or will Ketsuko finally give in to the Red Bride’s lust for death? Find out  in your next mighty Major Spoilers reviews!

Planet of the Symbiotes #1 (of 3) Review 6.3

Knull has attacked the planet earth and left it in darkness. Now symbiotes roam hunting for their prey, Dylan Brock. Come check out what is going on two short stories in Planet of the Symbiotes #1 by Marvel Comics! 

Review Home Sick Pilots #2 Review
Home Sick Pilots #2 Review 9.3

Ami’s visit to the Old James House has trapped her into hunting missing ghosts. Can she face the traumas of this task alone? Find out in Home Sick Pilots #2 from Image Comics!

Review A Man Among Ye #4 Review
A Man Among Ye #4 Review 8.0

Anne Bonny’s crew of a few women thrown together by fate hatches a daring plan to rescue Jack Rackham. Can they outwit Woodes Rogers? Find out in A Man Among Ye #4 from Image Comics!

Review Future State Green Lantern #1 Review
Future State: Green Lantern #1 5.7

Across the universe the Green Lantern Corps have found themselves without their trusted power rings.  But, that doesn’t stop a Green Lantern’s duty, your Major Spoilers review of Future State: Green Lantern #1, awaits!

Space Bastards #1 Review 8.0

David Proton, a newly unemployed accountant, takes on a new job for the postal service. What he didn’t expect was the violent free-for-all that comes with intergalactic delivery! Check it out in Space Bastards #1 by Humanoids Inc! 

Review Big Girls #6 review
Big Girls #6 Review 9.7

The Behemic Initiator is working! Is creating giant people the answer to the fight against the Jacks, and is it the end of the Big Girls? Find out in Big Girls #6 from Image Comics!

Review Doctor Who Comic #3 Review
Doctor Who Comic #3 Review 6.7

In Doctor Who Comic #3, the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctor journey to 1903 New York, where Nicola Tesla has gone missing (again!). With the Sea Devils stirring, and time paradoxes aplenty, it will take two Doctors to resolve this conundrum. Can they? Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Robyn Hood #1 Review 7.0

Robyn Hood is an outlaw, a vigilant, and a bringer of justice. Despite her own city turning on her, Robyn Hood is still trying to help. Come check out her next adventure in Robyn Hood: Iron Maiden #1 by Zenescope Entertainment! 

Review Sword #2 Review
S.W.O.R.D. #2 Review 7.0

Krull has attacked the entire world and now everyone is on high alert. How with the new S.W.O.R.D. station combat the King in Black? Find out in S.W.O.R.D. #2 by Marvel Comics! 

Review The Autumnal #4 Review
The Autumnal #4 Review 10.0

Comfort Notch hides some secrets, one of which is the story of Clementine. Who was she, and why are people still terrified of her? Find out in The Autumnal #4 from Vault Comics!

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