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If you are looking for the Major Spoilers reviews of comic books from the comic book industry, you’ve found it! The best and the worst comics are reviewed each week.

Review DC Pride #1 Review
DC Pride #1 Review 8.0

From across the DC Universe, a celebration of LGBTQIA_ characters!  Your Major Spoilers review of DC Pride #1 from DC Comics awaits!

Review Children of the Atom #4 Review
Children of the Atom #4 Review 7.0

The Children of the Atom desperately want to be mutants.  Is one of them getting their wish?  Your Major Spoilers review of Children of the Atom #4 from Marvel Comics awaits!

Black Cotton #3 Review 8.0

Black Cotton reverses racial roles when a black cop shoots an innocent white girl. Check out how Zion, Elizabeth, and their respective families handle this crisis in Black Cotton #3 by Scout Comics! 

Review The Secret Land #1 Review
The Secret Land #1 Review 8.7

In The Secret Land #1 from Dark Horse Comics, Ben and Katherine continue their fight against the forces of fascism – Ben on a nameless beach in the Pacific, Katherine in the wastes of Antarctica as Die Glocke begins its evil plans.  What are they?  Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Review Wynd #7
Wynd #7 Review 9.0

Wynd and his friends are on their way to meet the Duke when their ships are attacked by Vampyres! They make it to shore, but can they get away? Find out in Wynd #7 from BOOM! Studios.

Review Six Sidekicks of Trigger Karson #1 Review
Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton #1 Review 9.0

In Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton #1, Hollywood’s biggest badass, Trigger Keaton, is dead.  Everyone hated Trigger, but it is up to his six abandoned sidekicks to find out who killed him.  Whodunnit?  Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Review Far Sector #12 Review
Far Sector #12 Review 9.3

Everything is on fire, enemies both foreign and domestic have The City Enduring on the brink of destruction, and the lone Green Lantern on the scene, is almost out of energy.  Your Major Spoilers review of Far Sector #12, awaits!

Review Black Hammer: Visions #5 Revie
Black Hammer: Visions #5 Review 10.0

Another day in the life of Skulldigger, but today he remembers Bijou. Who is she and what is her connection with him? Find out in Black Hammer: Visions #5 from Dark Horse Comics!

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