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Or – “Joe McCarthy Was A @!*#.” Comics historians lament the loss of different genres in comic books, and rightly so. Westerns, romances, even TV adaptations used to be viable forms of comic art. Likewise, the historical comic has a long and varied pedigree. Classics Illustrated, for instance, put out more product than Marvel, DC, and every Rob Liefeld vanity publisher combined. That said, the historical is a strange beast, neither fish nor fowl, but with aspects of both. The escapist fantasy of a pure superhero story can undermine historical context, and the framework of most adventure stories can sag

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DCPreviewRed MenaceSneak Peek

DC Comics has sent Major Spoilers a seven page preview of Red Menace #1, which hits stores this week.  The Red Scare meets Superheroes after the jump.

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