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AnnihilationFeaturedMarvelQuasarReviewROMSilver Surfer

As the Annihilators team is trapped in limbo facing off the likes of Immortus’ temporal army, and Rocket Raccoon is trapped within the most wicked case of déjà vu ever, does this issue end with a cosmic BANG, or a Galactic whimper? Take the jump and find out.

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FeaturedGuardians of The GalaxyMarvelQuasarReviewROMSilver Surfer

Can the horrible forces of the Dire Wraiths be quelled without the aid of ROM, Spaceknight? The Annihilators and their newest ally, the Galadorian Spaceknight Ikon will find out, soon enough; and Rocket Raccoon and Groot find that going home is never easy. So take the jump faithful Spoilerite, and see what’s in store for our Gallant Galactic Guardians!

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AnnihilationMarvelQuasarSneak Peek

The Quest for the Kree savior comes to an end in Quasar #4, and Marvel has kindly sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the issue that arrives October 31st.

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AnnihilationCaptain Mar-VellMarvelQuasarSneak Peek

Marvel Comics has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Quasar #1, which spins out of the Annihilation: Conquest arc.

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