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When the ‘Toon Tumbler Facebook page revealed the art for their Comic-Con exclusive, many people started scouring the ‘net for a rundown of who would be on the team.  The one character that was a mystery was the woman pictured below Green Arrow and Hawkman. During the New 52 panel on Saturday, Geoff Johns revealed her to be Lady Luck. Lady Luck?

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Or – “The Capstone To Our Major Spoilers Star-Spangled Weekend™!” The Hero History project is a strange and nebulous beastie, and has plumbed the depths of several corners of the Silver, Bronze and modern ages, as well as the depths of space and the mind of Jack Kirby.  But one thing we’ve NEVER done before is troll through the Golden Age itself, that far-flung lost realm filled with Nazis, Fifth Columnists, guys named “Scooop,” “Hop,” and “Stripesy,” as well as the prototypical heroes that started this whole soopa-dupin’ thing in the first place.  Though predated by MLJ/Archie comics The Shield (the

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