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Press Release Project: Rooftop is proud to partner with Javier Grillo-Marxauch and Les McClaine for an official redesign contest for the titular star of their comic series The Middleman. “The Middleman: Man About Town” invites artists far and wide to take on the challenge of imagining a new look for the Middleman in this official redesign contest. Both Grillo-Marxauch and McClaine will be joining our regular panel of judges to survey the entrants in this official redesign contest, and are also offering a range of prizes for the winners.

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Green LanternGreen Lantern CorpsPress ReleaseProject Rooftop

Press Release Project: Rooftop is proud to announce their next redesign contest, spotlighting on the DC Entertainment hero Green Lantern. Originally created back in 1940 by John Broome, Gil Kane, Bill Finger and Martin Nodell, Green Lantern has become one of the biggest super-heroes in comic books. And now Project: Rooftop is putting out the call for artists around the world to submit their own renditions of the hero to be spotlighted on Project: Rooftop’s website and be reviewed by the P:R staff as well as long-time Green Lantern writer Ron Marz and in-demand artist/designer James White.

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artBatmanContestProject Rooftop

Project: Rooftop has announced the winners in its Batman 2.0: The Dynamic Do-Over.  The purpose of the contest was to redesign the famous Batman costume in light of the new person taking over the mantle of the bat. Anjin Anhut was the Grand Prize Winner, who used a red and black color scheme that looks the most practical of all the entries.  Anhut picked up The Batman Black & White Statue by Matt Wagner, a retailer exclusive DC Direct Batman action figure, Batman: The Black Glove HC signed by JH Williams III, and Detective Comics #844 signed by Dustin Nguyen.

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ContestProject RooftopSuperman

Project: Rooftop has teamed up with Pulp Secret and Jim Hanley’s Universe for a new art contest where you get to redesign Superman’s costume. P:R, P.S., and JHU are putting out the call for redesigns of the first superhero with Superman: Man of Style! Jim Hanley’s Universe has provided these incredible prizes: Grand Prize (1) – The Superman No. 14 statue, Superman: Birthright TPB signed by writer Mark Waid, and Superman #676 signed by our own Vito Delsante, who wrote the issue! Second Prize (1) – Justice League Animated Superman mini maquette and a signed copy of Superman #676. Third

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ContestCosplayProject Rooftop

Project: Rooftop is now accepting entries for the second annual costume contest: Fights, Flights & Tights 2. Pretty easy to enter, make your costume, take several pics, get them to the company before October 21st. The best entries get featured on the site, and the winner will receive an original sketch of their design by Dean Trippe. Sounds cool to me, and gives me an idea or two for something here at Major Spoilers. More info can be found at the Project: Rooftop site.

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