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I’ve been reading comics now for decades, and one of the trends I thought would last forever was the popularity of comics featuring mutants. However, even I’m surprised at how quickly the mutants have faded away in the last couple of years. Here’s what I think happened!

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So the official press release announcing Xavier’s “Ultimate Sacrifice” has landed.  AND if you haven’t picked up Avengers vs. X-Men, for gosh-darn sakes Spoilerites, don’t take the jump because those pages are there, after the jump!

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AvengersMarvelProfessor XX-Men

The New York Daily News broke the news that Professor X is going to be killed in Avengers vs. X-Men #11, on sale TODAY!

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What’s that saying? You can’t keep a good man down? Such is the case with Lazarus, the brand new title from AAM/Markosia, publishers of King Kong, Startship Troopers, and The Boy Who Made Silence. Publisher Harry Markos, states, “I am very excited about this title, which I am confident is going to attract a ton of positive reviews. Joseph’s script is amazing, you can see almost immediately that this is no ordinary take on the Lazarus story but something quite unique and remarkable. The stunning art brings the tale to life and immerses the reader into a dark and frenetic

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Or – “What Happens When The Smartest Heroes Are Neither Smart Nor Heroic…” The first two issues of The Illuminati miniseries can be boiled down pretty succinctly by saying this: Overconfidence and arrogance nearly costs them all their lives. In the first issue, it’s a miscalculation as to the competence of the Skrull Empire, in the second, they overestimate their own ability to resist the phenomenal cosmic power of the Infinity Gems. Every time we see this grouping, they have done something incredibly stupid because they presume to be smarter than everyone else on the planet, and that hubris will,

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Or – “This Is The Greatest And Best Retcon In The World… Tribute.” I’ll admit it: I’ve been extremely hesitant to review this issue, simply because I don’t want to have it come across as bashing Bendis, Marvel, or the Civil War in general. I’ve been skeptical (heck, some might even say negative) in my reactions to CW as a whole, and this book contains many of the same characters, by one of the key writers of CW, detailing the retconned backstory that sorta-kinda led to the events in question. To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Professor

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