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Apparently more comics stores than usual were open on New Year’s Day, and it had to do with the shipping of some Marvel comics! WHAT HAPPENED I became aware of all this when one of my local comics shops, which always sends out an email indicating what new books will be available the following day, put out an email on New Year’s Eve, two days after their regular message appeared in my mailbox on Tuesday night. Their store would be open on New Year’s Day, selling several previously unreleased Marvel books. Here’s how this was all announced on the

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It’s easy to get the comics you want from DC and/or Marvel. Often, local comics shops will arrange the new books so that either or both DC and Marvel are at the front of the line, so to speak. You get their books before you can even begin to check out the product from other companies.

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If you follow Mark Rosewater (head design superguy for M:tG) on Twitter then you got to see this somewhat blurry spoiler: But if you follow Magic: The Gathering on facebook you got to see the non-blurry version. Take the jump to get a good look at it and also to read my ultra-insightful thoughts on the card.

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