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Or – “Clearly NOT Clark Savage, Mr. Copyright Lawyer…” Around the turn of the last century, the comic book industry was filled with a great many books that played with the very tropes of serialized storytelling.  (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was one, The Authority another.)  One of the greatest, now sadly devalued, was Planetary, which paid homage not just to the comic book heroes, but the pulps that spawned them.  I enjoyed every single issue of Planetary, but this issue may be my favorite of them all…

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Or – “A Long Wait Always Sets High Expectations…” Earlier this year, in anticipation of this issue, I reread my issues of Planetary, and was surprised to remember that it debuted a full ten years ago last April.  It started out very much as an artifact of its time, with similar themes to other stories: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Big Numbers, both likewise created in the 90’s, as well as echoes of the X-Files and even threads of Farmer’s Wold Newton family.  Each issue was something unique and odd, and the book managed to create quite a following of fans,

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