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If you’ve been keeping up with the Robin saga at DC Comics, you know that the Dark Knight will have a “sidekick” again before too long. I think that’s a really GOOD thing, and I’ll tell you why in this column! And I’m not even including the marketing aspects of the character!

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Batman and Robin #36 has Batman tearing apart Apokalips in search of Damian and three other Robins are also present to help their patriarch out.

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DCFeaturedGreen Lantern CorpsGuy GardnerNew 52Peter J. TomasiReview

With four Green Lanterns coming from our planet, and 7200 GL’s across the universe, there are plenty of stories to be told. So, who gets to take center stage for this run? Find out after the jump…

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Batman And RobinDCPeter J. TomasiSneak Peek

DC Comics released a sneak peek of Batman and Robin #21 by Peter J. Tomasi, with art by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray.

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brightest dayDCGeoff JohnsPeter J. TomasiSneak Peek

Want to know why all the dead people are back in the DCU?  DC Comics promises the answer can be found in Brightest Day #7 arriving in stores this week, and released a sneak peek to tease the release.

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DCPeter J. TomasiReviewThe Mighty

It’s like 1938 all over again This week saw the release of The Mighty from DC Comics.  While the series is from DC, it is not set on New Earth (or whatever they hell they’re calling it after Final Crisis), but it does feature a hero who might as well be Superman. Are readers tired of the Superman mythos?  The strongest man in the world protecting those less fortunate than he seems like a great premise, but it really depends on how that character views himself among mere mortals.

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