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New Phoenix Filmworks has announced the launch of the official Paula Peril movie website for the film Paula Peril: Midnight is the Darkest Hour. “This project is one of the largest and most ambitious films we’ve ever done” said Andy Rodriguez-McCradic, owner of New Phoenix Filmworks, and Director of the upcoming film “We felt a specially-designed website was needed to give fans a place to go for the latest photos, video, or downloads related to the film.” Paula Peril: Midnight is the Darkest Hour staring Valerie Perez will debut next year. Paula Peril Movie via New Phoenix Filmworks

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Valerie Perez plays Paula Peril in the Atlantis studios live action adaptation of the Paula Peril series. You could buy the DVD right now, but you can get a better deal y ordering issue #3 of Paula Peril and the DVD “Trapped in the Flames” together. Get the comic and the 7-minute film starring Valerie Perez in HD, plus lots of extras including never-before-seen production photos and a teaser trailer for the Paula Peril feature film “Midnight is the Darkest Hour”! Take the jump for the full cover.

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