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On a recent Major Spoilers Podcast, I referred once again to the worst delay after a cliffhanger in my comic-reading life, but it occurred to me that most Spoilerites have NO idea what I’m referring to…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Ms. Mystic #2 awaits!

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Or – “Sort Of Like The Legend Of Boggy Creek, Only With Tie-Dyed Mask And Daisy Dukes…” One of the great pleasures of reading comic books for me is finding characters and concepts that are just plain ludicrous, so ridiculous that you can’t help but love them.  Even guys like Lee and Kirby didn’t create gems with every outing, and I love the thought process that leads to concepts like The Music Master (secret identity: Chauncey Throttlebottom III) or The Dingbats of Danger Street.  Like the movies of Ed Wood, there are comic books whose entertainment value transcends questions of quality,

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