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COMICS PORTAL: 2019 Is ‘The Year of Reading Dangerously’

I’m a big believer in variety in my reading. Yes, I buy a lot of superhero comics, but I’m also fascinated by mysteries, crime stories and other kinds of storytelling. I wish I could tell you what I’m going to like, but I often don’t know until I see it. One of my favorite comics companies is AfterShock, and they’ve declared 2019 “The Year of Reading Dangerously.”

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Comics Portal: A Great Time to Be a Comics Fan!

I wrote a similar column about three years back, but I thought it was worth an update as we near the end of 2018… sort of a “state of the industry” from my perspective before we move into a new year. First, of course, I need to give my yearly advice to people buying gifts for comics fans, especially late ones (hey, guys, it IS Christmas Eve)! Do NOT try to buy an item you THINK they might want! Chances are, they either have it or don’t want it if they haven’t already bought it. Instead, locate their local comics…

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COMICS PORTAL: Destroying the Marvel Universe… Again!

As reported by Head Honcho Stephen Schleicher, Marvel had recently been building up interest in what appeared to be the destruction of their very own universe. Teaser images aplenty flooded the Internet, then the House of Ideas released exactly what was going on… a miniseries called Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History.

Stephen’s response was perfect: “Well… that was… anticlimactic.”

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