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COMICS PORTAL: Could Comics be Censored?

Now that Congress is taking up the issue of gun control due to recent violent events in the U.S., we can expect they’ll be looking for someone or something to blame these terrible occurrences on. Some already have come out and said that they think violent video games are at fault, desensitizing players using rapid-fire guns to murder large groups of “people.”

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COMICS PORTAL: Iron Man 3 tickets now on sale

It’s going to be a big comics-related summer, what with Man of Steel and Star Trek: Into Darkness filling out the season in local theaters. But the first movie based on a comics superhero will be Iron Man 3, and it will zoom into your neighborhood on Friday, May 3.

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COMICS PORTAL: A New Batman Coming to Earth 2

Editor’s Note: Major Spoilers is happy to welcome Wayne Hall to the writing staff. Every Monday, Comics Portal presents Wayne’s thoughts on a comic event from the week before. Without further ado, Comics Portal! It’s important to know that I’m a big Batman fan. I’ve been following the Dark Knight since the first comic I ever read, which had Batman in England flying around a castle! Even as a kid, I remember thinking, “Wow! I have to read more of this!” Thus a lifelong passion was born!

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