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COMICS PORTAL: Nostalgia Sells!

A friend and I were talking online recently about the number of “pulp heroes” getting their own new comics. “I want new stories and new characters, not these old guys and girls. Why can’t they come up with something new and different?” The answer I gave him was one given to me by a sales expert I got to chat with once: Nostalgia sells!

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COMICS PORTAL: What About Long-Time Comics Fans?

The comics industry has always recognized that they need new readers to keep the business going. After all, those of us who have been reading comics for decades aren’t always going to be here to make our weekly jaunts to the local comics shop, as sad as it is to point that out. Most recently, DC launched the New 52 and Marvel began Marvel NOW in order to create places where fans who haven’t been reading their books for a long time could find a “jumping on” point and give comics a shot.

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COMICS PORTAL: Fool Me Once, Shame on You …

Is anyone else getting tired of having our chains jerked around? Some people seem to know that those of us into comics and anything related to them “freak out” when certain “news” hits the Internet. The latest example happened recently when Justin Bieber, teen pop star, sent out a photo supposedly showing him taking a picture of a script from the upcoming Batman versus Superman film with the hashtag “#robin?” Predictably, the fans went nuts, saying that Warner Bros. had lost its collective mind anywhere they could on the Web.

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COMICS PORTAL: Ben Affleck as Batman

I’ve been following with interest the response to last week’s announcement that Ben Affleck will take over the movie role of Batman/Bruce Wayne from Christian Bale. It’s time for me to weigh in on this latest comics-related controversy!

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COMICS PORTAL: From Infinity to Cataclysm

Marvel Comics recently released their solicitations for November of this year. There are a couple of things that have the Internet abuzz. For an event named “Infinity,” it sure doesn’t last long. The first chapter has already come out, and November will see its end. But there will be very little, if any, lag time between Infinity and the next big Marvel event, which will be called Cataclysm. The basic plot of that new event is that the characters in the Ultimate Universe (what I refer to as the U-verse) take on Galactus from the “regular” Marvel Universe (Marvel U).…

OPINION: Why Is Wonder Woman Considered So “Tricky”?

Producers at the CW recently announced that they were shelving plans for a long-in-development live-action Wonder Woman series in order to concentrate on a small screen debut for The Flash.  Reactions to this news has been somewhat mixed, with many people weighing in on why this, in the parlance, “sucks” while others have wondered what is so tricky about DC’s #3 character…

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OPINION: The best parts of San Diego Comic-Con that don’t get press

The San Diego Comic-Con gets a bad rap, especially from those who attend it (or at least try to) each and every year. Despite what you may have read, the Con is much more than press releases from movie studios and not showering. If you mapped the hobbies/areas-of-interest covered by SDCC, you would have a 52-dimensional Venn diagram that Grant Morrison would describe as “too convoluted to wrap my head around”. Somewhere in that diagram is what you are into, whoever you are. If you want to camp out all night to see a preview of Twilight, fine (although you…

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COMICS PORTAL: Moving Away from Trades

For years, comic books have suffered from what has been called “trade paperback-itis.” Many stories have been told in the exact number of issues made to fit inside a “graphic novel” or “trade” format. Well, it seems like times, they might be a-changing.

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