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Review The Long Con #6 Review
The Long Con #6 Review 10.0

Victor and Dez have run into The Resistance, and Victor fills them in on what happened five years ago. But who is The Resistance resisting, and what is their big plan?

Oni Press Cretaceous
Oni Press to release Cretaceous

On March 27th, Oni Press brings you an all-new original graphic novel for middle readers that’s a dinosaur of a “tail,” with illustrations that’ll make you feel right at home in the majestic and brutal Cretaceous Period.

The Long Con #4 Review 9.7

The post-apocalyptic world of The Long Con has it all – in-fighting; badges; celebrities of all stripes; zombies – can Dez and Victor dodge all this to get to Hall C? Find out in this Major Spoilers review of The Long Con #4 from Oni Press.

Oni Press Kim Reaper: Vampire Island #2
[Preview] Kim Reaper: Vampire Island #2

Becka and Tyler have been discovered as mortal tourists by the vampires, and now they’re trapped the top of Castle Vampire Island, with no Kim in sight! Find out what happens next in this sneak peek of Kim Reaper: Vampire Island #2 from Oni Press.

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