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The White Lantern is dead, and now the entire galaxy hunts for the ones that killed him: The Omega Men!  But is there more to the story than meets the eye?  Your Major Spoilers review of Omega Men #1 awaits!

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MarvelOmega MenSneak Peek

Marvel’s favorite Canadians are back fighting the Wrecking Crew, eh. Issue #4 is just around the corner and it finds Omega Flight working together fo save Sasquatch. Will he survive? Take the jump for a preview.

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DCOmega MenSneak Peek

Is this the end of the universe? THE OMEGA MEN seem to think so… The galactic rampage begins this month, as the classic space-faring team known as THE OMEGA MEN returns in a six-issue miniseries from writer Andersen Gabrych (DETECTIVE COMICS, BATGIRL) and artist Henry Flint (2000 A.D.). Convinced that all of creation is on the brink of cosmic apocalypse, the last remaining Omega Men begin a universe-spanning swath of murder and destruction.

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