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Davis Entertainment has acquired the rights to Boom! Studios North Wind mini-series, and have started on the road to major motion picture by hiring scribe David DiGilio. The story takes place in a futuristic Los Angeles, years after global warming has created a new ice age. Most survivors live under the ice and are ruled by a dictator who exiles some citizens to the harsh environment outdoors. His cruel actions cause one of the exiles to lead a revolution. Only the first three issues of the five issue mini-series have been released, so there is still time for you to

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Boom! Studios has announced it has seen a 30% increase in orders for issue #4 or North Wind. Why does this warrant an item on Major Spoilers? “We usually see a dip of 10% or more between issues #3 and #4 of any of our series. That said, we saw nearly a 20% increase in orders between issue #3 and #4 of NORTH WIND. An increase like this has never happened in the history of our company. Never. Bottom line – we are talking about a 30% increase over the norm,” said Chip Mosher, Marketing and Sales Director for BOOM!

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