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Video Games Super Smash Bros. DLC Predictions
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Character Predictions

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming in just a few days and we already know that there are going to be five new downloadable content (DLC) characters and stages over the course of the next year. What will these new characters be? Nobody knows!

Fortunately for you, I have used a powerful algorithm to help narrow down the major categories those characters will fit into, from there it was just a matter of going with the most logical choice. 

Nintendo Poll of the Week
Major Spoilers Poll of the Week: Switch Edition

It looks like the latest game system from Nintendo is a huge success, as the company reports that the Switch is the fastest-selling US console ever, with 4.8 million units sold in ten months. That doesn’t mean everyone has bought into the model though… [poll id=”515″]

Gaming Gaming History mario
[Video] Gaming History: Mario

Beat Down Boogie has released a number of cosplay videos over the years that have really impressed us. Now, the group is launching a monthly series covering the history of gaming. First up is the history of Mario.

Gaming Poll of the Week
Major Spoilers Poll of the Week: Switch it up

This past week, we were teased with a new game system from Nintendo. The Switch promises to be the best of the Wii, WiiU and 3DS combined into one system. Little is known (as of this post) of the price point, battery life, games available on launch, but the hype engine has a lot of people excited about this new gaming system that arrives in March 2017. VOTE! [poll id=”460″]

Fan Film
[Fan Film] The Legend of Zelda live action trailer looks pretty awesome

Sometimes I wish fan films would be officially recognized by a studio or property owner, and given funding to be made into a longer piece. Fans of been begging for a Legend of Zelda movie for years, but until the day when Nintendo opens up the pocketbook, and shrugs off the horror that was the Mario Bros. Movie, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with fan films like The Legend of Zelda movie teaser trailer.

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