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Shock ‘n Awe reviews the NECA Aliens Albino Drone.  Things look a bit dirty. Please comment below and if you enjoyed our review, like and subscribe to our channel. Let us know what you liked, didn’t like and any ideas you may have for other toys you’d like to see reviewed in future episodes! Twitter: @ShockNAweToys Follow Wilson on Twitter @scaabs Follow the Berg on Twitter @RagiFoesmasher All music is copyright of Shock ‘n Awe video

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Jungle Hunter Predator_FEATURED
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Want some candy?  Wilson sure doesn’t in this episode of Shock ‘n Awe Toy Reviews as the two look at the 1/4 scale Predator from NECA.  This episode’s alternate title is “Big Toys Suck.” Shock ‘n Awe Toy Reviews:  2 Idiots.  1 camera. And a review.

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Life-size replicas are becoming quite the rage these days for those with deep pockets. While a life-size Batman or Hulk Buster statue would put all your friends to shame, the price tag is a bit much. NECA has a life-size Ghostbusters foam replica of Slimer that is more in line with your current funding levels that will still make people green with envy.

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Action FiguresNECAPredatorReviewToysVideo

Shock ‘n Awe reviews the Neca Predator Scar, from Series 14, AVP. Berg talks a lot.

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Press Release NECA/WizKids is excited to announce a new Dice Masters game set in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe.

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Yesterday we had a press release in which National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) and 4K Media Inc. announced Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Art branded merchandise, the first of which was to be revealed in San Diego. Unfortunately we did not have any pics for you at the time. Fortunately, our own Elijah Williams was at the event and able to get some for us. Take the jump for a quick look see.

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More toys found on display for NECA today. This time it’s their 1/4 scale action figures, showing off a pair of Batmen that were seen at Toy Fair earlier this year. The other three are new for San Diego though. All five figures stand around 18 inches tall and feature unique accessories and, at least for those what need to, some cloth accessories. So take the jump to have a look at what NECA has in store.

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We’re all excited about Batman: Arkham Origins right? How about the chance to have our own Grapnel straight out of the game? Well NECA has an announcement you may just want to here. Take the jump for the full Press Release as well as a couple pictures.

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Back in the day I had all the Simpsons figures and sets that were made – even the hard to find figures that had me running through all the online auctions time after time. NECA and 20th Century Fox have piqued my interest once again with all things Simpsons with a new line of 25 greatest stars program.

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Press Release WizKids Games, a subsidiary of NECA, announced today plans to release an all-new fantasy miniatures product based upon the popular and long-lived world of MAGE KNIGHT. The first game to utilize the extremely versatile and innovative Combat Dial System game platform, MAGE KNIGHT boasts over a dozen releases, including an award-winning board game based on the property.

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Press Release NECA/WizKids Games, the leader in collectible gaming, under license with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, is excited to announce the upcoming release of their next game — The Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game, offering a unique twist on the original Quarriors dice building game engine invented by renowned game designers Mike Elliott and Eric Lang.

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Press Release With the surge in popularity among Marvel Super Heroes this summer, a group of lesser-known heroes, villains (and some all-out odd balls) petitioned Marvel Entertainment to grant them a team of their own.  A common name they could share and make legendary.  A battle cry for evil to fear, and a group name that would out live them all.

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