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There are two axioms in comics that I truly believe: 1) Classic characters are just that because they work, and 2) There are no bad characters, only bad treatments of characters.

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Two men, enter, one man leaves, it’s the slug fest you’ve always thought about, but never had the time to voice your opinion on… until now! FIGHT!  

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Yesterday, during the Marvel Studios Analyst webcast, the company revealed more details on their future projects. Direct-to-DVD Features Status Ultimate Avengers 2 – Released 8/8/06 Iron Man – In production Doctor Strange – In production Teen Avengers – Development TV Series Fantastic Four – In production Wolverine and the X-Men – Pre-production Iron Man – Development Spider-Man – Development

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If you remember the Strange Tale of Aquaman I told you about previously, then you are aware that Hollywood is all a twitter over the thought of making an underwater superhero movie. Well it looks like Marvel may have beat DC to the punch when it revealed yesterday it has licensed its Namor character to Universal Pictures for a feature motion picture that is still To Be Determined. Namor or Aquaman? Does it really matter?

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