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If you hadn’t heard, we are off to Nerdtacular 2015 in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah – a place very far removed from the ocean, any ocean (though one (Matthew) could and probably will argue about the logic of the great Salt Lake),¬†that it makes sense to talk fish-men this week. VOTE!

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There are two axioms in comics that I truly believe: 1) Classic characters are just that because they work, and 2) There are no bad characters, only bad treatments of characters.

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Or – “This Is The Greatest And Best Retcon In The World… Tribute.” I’ll admit it: I’ve been extremely hesitant to review this issue, simply because I don’t want to have it come across as bashing Bendis, Marvel, or the Civil War in general. I’ve been skeptical (heck, some might even say negative) in my reactions to CW as a whole, and this book contains many of the same characters, by one of the key writers of CW, detailing the retconned backstory that sorta-kinda led to the events in question. To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Professor

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