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If you like to listen to music while you read your comics, you may want to check out the upcoming The Music of DC Comics: Volume 2, featuring music from some of your favorite DC movies, television and radio shows.

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Friday Sing-AlongMusicVideo

Prince was a genius when it came to shaping the way we listened to and experience music, and he was no stranger to covering different genres and songs in his live performances. As we wrap up the week, check out Prince from his 2008 Coachella performance where he covers Radiohead’s Creep.

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Friday Sing-AlongMusicVideo

The music featured on the Friday Sing-Along doesn’t always have to be pop culture related. Sometimes it can just be bizarre and beautiful at the same time. Postmodern Jukebox’s take on Royals is a perfect example of this, as a very sad clown breaks it out and surprises everyone.

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Action FiguresBluefinMusicToys

The next time you want to belt out We are the Champions, consider adding this Freddie Mercury action figure to your shelf first, so you can remember how great you are not.

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BatmanFriday Sing-AlongMusicVideo

With all the Batman v Superman talk spreading like wildfire across the Internet (see, I can say that because half of the state I live in is on fire), it seems like a great time to share this wonderful acapella version of the classic Batman: The Animated Series theme song.

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Friday Sing-AlongMusicVideo

Ready to crank up the volume to 11 and rock out to the Mister Roger’s Neighborhood theme song? Good, because Eric Colderone grabs his axes and shares his take on the classic song.

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Will Cloud make it to the audition, or will he simply deliver more mail? I don’t think there are enough short musical films for us to enjoy. That’s why I’m very happy with how “Today’s The Day” turned out following its Kickstarter campaign.

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Friday Sing-AlongHumorMusicVideo

Steve Martin has a new musical opening on broadway, and earlier this week, he appeared on Jimmy Fallon to talk about it. Since Fallon is famous for musical numbers, and Martin has been known to bust out a tune every now and then, this bit makes for perfect Internet click bait…and it will put a smile on your face (ask me how).

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Friday Sing-AlongMoviesMusicStar Wars

The minor key has long been known for its somber and sometime ominous undertones. It’s what makes songs like The Imperial March so menacing. But what if the song used a major key? Ian Gordon explores the changes in this week’s Friday Sing-Along.

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Friday Sing-AlongMusicVideoWalking Dead

Of course there is a pop-culture take on The Walking Dead theme song. This is the Internet, after all. This week, The Warp Zone presents their acapella take on The Walking Dead.

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Friday Sing-AlongMarvelMusic

There are a number of ways to kick in the new year; a kiss from your lover, or a stranger (or both), watching all the sports ball games, reading comics, or even playing board games until the Sun falls below the horizon, but at Major Spoilers, we like to ring in the new year with a hearty dose of Ookla the Mok… because we can.

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Friday Sing-AlongMusicStar WarsVideo

You probably aren’t tired of all of the Star Wars stuff, yet, which is why today’s Friday Sing-Along features the cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Jimmy Fallon and The Roots singing a Star Wars medley, just for you.

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MoviesMusicStar Wars

If you love John Williams’ Star Wars music, you are in for a treat as the complete Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack has been released on Spotify.

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Fan FilmMoviesMusicStar WarsVideo

Animfantastic has put out a Star Wars/Rio Bravo parody music video on their youtube channel titled My Blaster, My Wookiee and Me to coincide with the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In honor of the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, Animfantastic is proud to present “My Blaster, My Wookiee, and Me”. In the 1959 Western “Rio Bravo”, co-stars Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson sang a mighty pretty tune called “My Rifle, My Pony, and Me”. We here at Animfantastic couldn’t help but imagine what that song might sound like on a desert planet in a galaxy far, far away… Directed

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