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Hearken back to the days of yesteryear, when our heroes were mysterious and pulpy. Fog fell from the sky like sunshine and the damsel in distress always wore red. The Spider has a mop of hair and fangs…if you want to know more details, you’re going to have to jump.

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Moonstone Books has released the cover images and solicitation information for titles with a January 2011 cover date.

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Moonstone has sent Major Spoilers the solicitation information for titles arriving in May 2008.

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THE PHANTOM #16 APR 07 • 32 pg • FC • $3.50 Written by Mike Bullock Art by Silvestre Szilagyi Colors by Bob Pedroza Cover by Bret Blevins and Terry Austin “Forgotten” What happens when a young woman decides to give back to the people’s of Africa who have given her family a fortune beyond imagining? Her drive to do what’s right propels her head first into an invisible war with the lives of the Africa’s children hanging in the balance. Will she be able to find the Phantom in time? Or will her good intentions bring disastrous results?

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Buckaroo BanzaiMoonstoneMoonstone Books

Moonstone has sent us an advanced look at the new Buckaroo Banzai poster that will kick off the next mini-series. Painter extraordinaire Dave Dorman lends his considerable talents to portray Dr. Banzai in this ORIGINAL specially commissioned piece, so now, the rest of the world can feel that inner calm and confidence that comes from hanging out with Buck! Live it, breathe it, and…put it up on your wall! Everything’s Zen…

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