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This week, we offer up another series of After Show Discussion shows. These are conversations the Major Spoilers Crew has outside of the normal show, and range from sex in comics to our favorite animated features. In this installment (recorded July 30, 2008), Stephen and Matthew talk about DC history and characters that keep dying and coming back to life again and again. From Monstress getting blowed up real good, to Black Canary getting her canary cry back, and that tricky Ra’s al Ghul. Wait for the trade or get the single issues? Stephen spells out his Writing for the

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Or – “Bruce Banner Malibu Barbie, Anyone?” Astute Spoilerites may have noticed that at the very bottom of each Hero History, tucked under the seemingly endless links, there’s a coming attraction for the next episode.  It’s my old-school television roots showing…  In any case, the last Hero History promised a little bit a Tinya in your life, and I was well into gathering my research for her story, when something happened.  Something important, something that caused an immediate change in plans.  In order to explain the significance of this event, I need to tell you the story of “The Hero History That

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