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If you’ve seen any Pixar movie, you know the company hides Easter Eggs throughout the films that reference many of their other flicks.  Monsters University is no exception, and we’ve got some of those hidden gems, after the jump.

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I’m not the biggest fan of sequels.  Everyone knows Breakin’ was better than Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. No. It was. Shut up Rodrigo.  For years now, Disney has been releasing sequels to some of its most loved animated movies, and once they got their mitts on Pixar, the 3-D animation house surprisingly started up sequels there, too. Pixar and Disney have announced Monsters 2, now titled Monster University, will feature the return of Billy Crystal and John Goodman in their original roles.  The company also announced Dan Scanlon will be directing the feature. Who is Dan Scanlon? Beats the hell

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Or – “Turkey Fact #12: If You Leave A Turkey Out In The Rain, He’ll Drown… Stupid Bird.”   Every year, I tell myself that I’m going to take it easy on Thanksgiving, and every year, I pretty much feel like a python who swallowed a wild boar. Yesterday, I had three slices of pie, an enormous wedge of ham, and half a bag of crackers with cheese spread, and that was the day BEFORE the holiday feasting. In order to help you digest YOUR Thanksgiving dinner, (Disclaimer: May not be valid in all areas!) we’ve got another line-up of

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