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Mon-El aka Lar Gand aka Valor flew into Supergirl Season 2, but what is the true origin of this Legion of Superheroes member? Do you know it?

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At the end of Supergirl’s first season, a rocket crashed to Earth, and Supergirl was shocked by what she found inside. The confirmation came from The CW today that Mon-El has been cast for the next season.

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Mon-El is back, and he’s got red jammies on! DC Comics released a sneak peek of Superman #694 that features the return of the hero, and his new look as well.

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Or – “You Waste 10 Lifetimes In A Cosmic Peepshow & See How Normal YOU Are…” In this, the fiftieth anniversary year of that futuristic bunch of super-teens known as the Legion of Super-Heroes, we’re continuing our in-depth look at children of the future (teach them well, and let them lead the way to kick the behinds of the Fatal Five.)  We turn our sights today to the man who was, quite possibly, the most powerful hero alive in the pre-Crisis DCU.  When Superman could fly through suns, move the Earth out of orbit, and see thousands of miles in

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