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Remember when Ron Perlman donned the Hellboy makeup and costume to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation?  Of course you do, we still have tears in our eyes.  Turns out, that little moment moved director Guillermo del Toro to reconsider his No More Hellboy Movies stance.

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comic conventionDark Horse ComicsHellboyMike Mignolasan diegoteaser

Dark Horse Comics sent out this teaser for the next big thing happening with Hellboy. We’ve known something was coming, but I can’t wait to see what Mike Mignola and DHC have in store for us this week. via Dark Horse Comics

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comic conventionDark Horse ComicsMike MignolaPress Releasesan diego

Press Release From celebrated comic artist Mike Mignola and award-winning novelist Christopher Golden come the next installments of the critically acclaimed Baltimore series!

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comic conventionDark Horse ComicsMike Mignola

Press Release Mike Mignola, the Harvey and Eisner Award winning writer, artist and creator of the acclaimed Hellboy comic series will be appearing at The Long Beach Comic & Horror Con scheduled for November 3-4 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

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BPRDDark Horse ComicsFeaturedMike MignolaReviewSneak Peek

Ota Benga from B.P.R.D. 1947 returns as newcomer Ashley Strode is sent to him to deal with a demon he may have information on. Take the jump for an early Major Spoilers look at B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Exorcism #1.

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Dark Horse ComicsMike MignolaPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release In conjunction with the release of Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden’s latest collaboration earlier this week, and Mignola’s appearance at this weekend’s World Horror Convention, Dark Horse is pleased to announce a limited-edition hardcover release of Joe Golem and the Drowning City.

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BPRDDark Horse ComicsFeaturedMike MignolaReview

The Pickens County Horror promises to bring vampires to the pages of B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth. Do these bloodsuckers just suck or will you get your bang for the buck? That was awful, and I apologize.

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Dark Horse ComicsFeaturedHellboyMike MignolaReview

Fans of Hellboy know about Lobster Johnson, and now Dark Horse Comics has a brand new adventure of the hero, set during the time period he was actually alive. This book arrives in stores January 11, 2012, so if you take the jump, be warned there may be spoilers.

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Dark Horse ComicsHellboyMike MignolaPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release Following up on an announcement made at this year’s New York Comic Con, Dark Horse unveils the schedule for Mike Mignola’s 2012 Year of Monsters program.

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Dark Horse ComicsMike MignolaSneak Peek

Dark Horse Comics has released a sneak peek of Baltimore: The Curse Bells #3 that you can check out, after the jump.

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Dark Horse ComicsFeaturedHellboyMike MignolaReview

So this is it then? The End? The End my friend? Yes.

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Dark Horse ComicsFeaturedMike MignolaReview

ROBOT OVERLORD: I have seen many a monster in my day, and save for Matthew, the worst by far is the dread vampire. Mike Mignola has returned to his horror to see what Lord Baltimore is hunting next. WARNING: This book arrives in stores on August 10, 2011. Matthew and Stephen may indeed spoil certain aspects of the story. Consider yourself warned.

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Dark Horse ComicsHellboyMike MignolaSneak Peek

Dark Horse Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Hellboy: The Fury #2 that arrives in stores this week.

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Dark Horse ComicsHellboyMike MignolaVariant

When it comes to variant covers, some are highly sought after, and others fill the long boxes never to be purchased.  Dark Horse is betting someone is going to want to pick up the incentive/variant cover to Hellboy: The Fury. And why wouldn’t they? The cover is by Mike Mignola.

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