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Mighty Crusaders #1
Archie ComicsMighty CrusadersSneak Peek

Archie Comics has released an early sneak peek of Mighty Crusaders #1 – a new ongoing series (volume) that arrives on December 6, 2017.

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Or – “Okay, Digital Distribution…  Let’s See What You’ve Got.” Thanks to a pretty canny marketing campaign, Archie has had me quite excited about the relaunch of the Crusaders, so excited that I’m willing to venture into entirely new forms of multimedia to get these stories…  How does the first issue pan out?

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There’s a (possibly apocryphal) story of a mid-60’s DC Comics staff meeting where editors passed around Marvel Comics and tried to figure out why the books were selling better than their own stalwart titles.  One puzzled old guard editor looked at the Marvels, and purportedly suggested, “Maybe it’s the terrible art?”  Heh.  The dawn of the Marvel age was a time when EVERYONE wanted to know how exactly Stan, Jack, Steve, Don, and the much-fabled Bullpen managed to pull off what they did.  Some companies revamped everything, some stayed their course, and both paths led at least one well-established company

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Or – “Of Course, The Shield Came First…” Continuing our Major Spoilers Star-Spangled Weekend™, and so far we’re running an average of 3 stars for the items reviewed from the big, dumb month of June 2010.  Another batch of comics (featuring the first star-spangled hero, as well as several former heads of state) is on the chopping block…  Will our average go waaay up, or waay DOWN?

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