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Even though Sir Michael Caine said the Joker would be the villian in the next Batman movie, fans have been speculating for some time who would play the Clown Prince of Crime. Names like Robin Williams and Mark Hamill have circulated (I even saw one rumor of Michael Keaton), but fans may now have an answer. Latino Review, who broke the news that Brandon Routh would be Superman, is reporting Heath Ledger will play the arch-villian to Christian Bale’s Batman. We were first to tell the world that Brandon Routh was going to be the new Superman. Now here we

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Sir Michael Caine has confirmed what many have speculated since the ending of Batman Begins – the next film will be called The Joker. The news comes from an interview Caine did with Turner Movies UK. This is kind of a no brainer since the Joker card was seen at the end of the Bat flick. It would be very interesting if this were not just a sequel but rather a real look into the Joker’s background. It would also be great if they used the back story from A Killing Joke. Caine gave very little information on the project

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