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Silver Surfer #9 Review
Dan SlottFeaturedMarvelMichael AllredReviewSilver Surfer

There are a lot of potential pitfalls of space travel, and many times, other planets are a nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t wanna live there.  Which is kind of a shame for Dawn Greenwood…  Your Major Spoilers review of Silver Surfer #9 awaits!

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DCJack KirbyMichael AllredNew GodsPress ReleaseSolicitations

DC’s Young Animal is adding more strange and wonderful to the mix with BUG!: THE ADVENTURES OF FORAGER.

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FeaturedImage ComicsMichael AllredReview

It Girl! & The Atomics is a fun, wacky book with a hipster vibe. This issue sees It Girl getting a new solo mission to prove herself as a super-hero. Does this issue entertain or is it a straight up bummer? Major Spoilers takes a look!

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Image ComicsMichael AllredPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release February will bring with it a special Valentine to readers of Michael Allred’s IT GIRL AND THE ATOMICS. Chynna Clugston-Flores, creator of Blue Monday, is teaming up with series writer Jamie S. Rich for a standalone issue about a fan-favorite character from the MADMAN universe, Mr. Gum.

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Image ComicsMadmanMichael Allred

Press Release This is THE BIG ONE! This December, 20 years after Michael Allred’s independent comics icon was introduced to the world, a celebration of all things Madman will take the form of a gigantic 11 x 17 hardcover! The MADMAN 20TH ANNIVERSARY MONSTER HC will include an all-new MADMAN story from Allred, as well as contributions from an impressive list of industry giants such as Darwyn Cooke, Frank Quitely, Jeff Smith, and Erik Larsen.

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Image ComicsMichael AllredPress Releasesan diego

Press Release MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS’ Mike Allred and  SOUL KISS’ Steven T. Seagle confirmed they did not announce a new project at this year’s Comic Con International during the Mike Allred spotlight panel, citing the sheer number of announcements made at the show this year as reason enough to withhold information. “We would have been be lost in the shuffle,” Allred said. “Especially since I was already announcing the new graphic novel I am co-editing, ONE MODEL NATION, by writer Courtney Taylor and illustrator Jim Rugg as well my all-new the Vertigo series, I, ZOMBIE. I thought it might be

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Image ComicsMichael AllredPress Release

Press Release Image Comics’ newest superhero debut, JERSEY GODS, gains a new member of their creative pantheon as writer Glen Brunswick and illustrator Dan McDaid are joined by new permanent series cover artist, MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS’ Mike Allred!

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Bill WillinghamDCFablesMichael AllredReviewVertigo

War is Over, Now The story that has preoccupied the pages of Fables for at least the last two years, was the buildup and invasion of the homelands by the Fables, who were sick and tired of The Adversary threatening their way of existence in the Mundy world.  After last month’s stunning conclusion to the war, we’re left wondering, “What’s next?”

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MadmanMichael AllredMoviesRobert Rodriques

Variety is reporting Dimension Films will be turning Madman into a live action film.  Robert Rodriques will produce the film through his Troublemaker Studios, with George Huang directing.  Huang will also be sharing writing credits as he will pen the script with Michael Allred – creator of Madman. The film will also be shot at Rodriquez’s studios in Texas.  In the story, the hero is killed in a car accident and brought back to life Frankenstein style, complete with enhanced senses, psychic powers, and exceptional physical skills.  Unfortuantely Dr. Frank Enstien can’t fix his face, so Madman must where a

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