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[Merch] Geeky Jerseys reveals Black Panther jersey

With the huge success of Black Panther in theaters, a lot more people are now aware of how awesome the character is, and there are a number of you who want to get your hands on some cool Black Panther merch. Geeky Jerseys has revealed its latest jersey that is sure to make fans of the Marvel Comics character happy.

COMICS PORTAL: Missing Those Cool Maquettes!

It wasn’t that long ago that I often used to leave my local comics shop with an empty wallet and the back seat of my car full of comics-related items that I treasured. These days, I pretty much buy only comics. I spend each week about half of what I used to on maquettes, statues and figures. (The exception is those terrific Batman: The Animated Series figures and vehicles, of course!) What happened? Where did they go?

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