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People like to collect and pin their favorite things to virtual walls on the Internet, and it give their friends, family, and curious a chance to see what that person is into. For the geek set, using sites like Pinterest can be useful, but when it comes to collecting AND selling, the system leaves me a little flat.  CompleteSet looks to offer a solution to those wanting to curate and sell their collections.

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Emma FrostMarvelME WANTSideshow Collectiblesstatues

Currently available for sale, is a new Emma Frost statue from Sideshow Collectibles. Unlike other Emma Frost statues we’ve seen in the past, this one features the villain in her Hellfire Club garb – which, is really kind of like her regular everyday garb.

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dc collectibles
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DC Collectibles teased everyone at Preview Night at the San Diego Comic Con. While the booth is filled with upcoming statues, toys, and other collectibles, it what they didn’t show that has so many people talking this morning.

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Action FiguresBack To The FutureHot ToysME WANTMerchandiseToys

Though it may be Batman Day, and Preview night at the San Diego Comic Con, the toy reveals coming out today make it feel more like the day after Thanksgiving when I shell out all my money for awesome stuff. Hot Toys has just revealed a 1/6th scale Marty McFly figure for the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future.

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Batmancomic conventionDCLegoME WANTMerchandisesan diegosan Diego Comic ConSDCCToys

Okay, this is the moment where I officially regret not getting in the line with the hundreds of thousands of other comic book fans at the San Diego Comic Con. LEGO has unveiled more show exclusives that include the LEGO Batmobile based on the 66 television series, and an exclusive Batman of Zur-En-Arrh Minifigure.

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ME WANTMerchandiseStar Wars

Whether it is an April Fool’s joke turned into reality, or someone just having fun dreaming up Star Wars merchandise, a Tauntaun hoodie showing up in my inbox means someone is having a lot of fun pushing creativity and their love of the fantasy franchise.

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Much to the dismay of everyone around me in my life, I believe coffee to be one of the most vile drinks on Earth. And yes, I have tried syrups, sugar, and your Frapacinnos, they all taste worse than the one before. However, if I had to drink coffee to have this Lego coffee mug I would plug my nose and swallow every morning.

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A coffee table is the center piece of any living room, especially if you have part of your statue collection poised on top. Now the creme da la creme of all coffee tables is this table in the shape of Batman’s logo built by Charles Lushear.

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One of the great joys of college was waking up early Saturday morning (after a night of doing things that college kids do) and watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 with my pals.  Oh the joys of having Joel and the bots sitting at the bottom of my screen mocking crappy movies.   Now those silhouettes can be in your home once again with a cool decal.

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On a rare Thursday night edition of Ask Major Spoilers, Doug Robson (@Tabularoinak) asked if we had seen this homemade piece of goodness yet. We hadn’t, but we have now and want it.

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What’s better than owning a batmobile? Jacking it up, throwing on some giant tires, a couple flame throwers and calling it the Batmobile Monster Truck!

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ME WANTStar Wars

I have never admitted to being a wizz in the kitchen, especially since that time I completely melted a rubber spatula while scrambling eggs. Of course, if I had kitchen appliances that look like this I would be more prone to pick up the skills. Take the jump to see pictures of a custom painted Boba Fett mixer.

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Doctor WhoME WANTVideo

I love it when people go the distance to show their love of a product or idea.  Here, Greg Kumparak went a step further and used Blender to model the interior of the TARDIS, and then created an augmented reality app to show it off.

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ME WANTMerchandiseVideo Games

Every once and awhile the action filled life that happens inside my head needs to be acted out in real life. When this happens I generally have to pretend to have super-cool sci-fi weaponry while making sound effects as I tumble nonsensically around my house. But with  this hoodie I could have an actual representation of a gun while I make sound effects as I tumble nonsensically around my house.

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