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We’ve already seen on Stan Lee sixth scale action figure, and now Hot Toys is getting in on the action to bring our own Stan “The Man” Lee to toys shelves.

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EFX Inc. will be at the New York Comic Con this weekend, and it is bringing all sorts of cool things to its booth. The company has announced it has opened pre-orders on one item that will surely attract a crowd – the Iron Man Mark VII Helmet.

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One of the more interesting “variant” projects to come out of DC Comics is the DC Bombshells project, where famous female DC characters are giving a 1940s pin-up look. There have been comic book covers, statues, and posters, and now DC will release window decals.

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Next week, at the San Diego Comic Con, Batman fans will be able to pick up a super cool action figure, that takes the mean and brooding Batman, and turns him into a cute bundle of fun.

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In this installment of The Want List – BAZINGA!

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If you want to dry off like a Draenei, or sneak a stink like a Bloodfang Rogue, then ThinkGeek has a set of robes that should extend your love of World of Warcraft to the bathroom.

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In this installment of The Want List – Superman statue stands tall, Garden Gnomes are ready to beam up, and two life-size Hulkbuster statues.

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Go Hero has a brand new 1/6th scale figure on the way, and for comic book fans, it is definitely a figure that has had a huge impact on comics, Stan “the Man” Lee.

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Back To The FutureME WANTMerchandise

Arriving sometime before May is the one prop replica from Back to the Future you can stun your friends with – Mr. Fusion!

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Norm from loves Star Trek, and this week he’s released a video showing off his Tricorder from the series.

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When it comes to cool bits of ephemera we want taking up space on our desk, the upcoming Egg Attack EA-008 Iron Man 3 Mark II Magnetic Floating statue is definitely something we are putting on our want list.

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I have been quietly collecting the LEGO Creator city sets over the years and the LEGO city just got a lot more interesting with the announcement that a detective’s office is on the way.

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Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles have a brand new sixth scale figure based on Chris Pratt’s Star-lord from Guardians fo the Galaxy.

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Back To The FutureME WANTMerchandise

Remember a few years ago when prop replica versions of the shoes from Back to the Future II were selling for tens of thousands of dollars? Yeah, I wasn’t able to snag a pair either.  Now that the price has dropped to $100, I still can’t grab a pair.

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