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This just arrived in my In Box, and for those who are keeping their Matty Collector DC Universe Club Infinite Earths, here’s your first look at Uncle Sam.

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Press Release On Saturday, June 30, Hot Wheels strives for another world record with a gravity-defying, two-driver double vertical loop attempt at X Games Los Angeles 2012. The life-sized Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare will pair Team Hot Wheels™ Green and Yellow Drivers together to simultaneously race through a harrowing six-story vertical loop in a first-of-its-kind challenge.

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MattelPress Release

Press Release This July, when girls head to Walmart to do their back-to-school shopping, they will be greeted by a new member of Mattel’s Monster High® brand, the popular tween franchise centered on the teenage children of famous monsters. Emily-Anne Rigal, 18 year-old founder of non-profit, joins the Monster High® student body to spread the word of tween esteem in a pro-social program with the retailer. The in-store call-to-action will elevate and extend the Monster High® and WeStopHate collaboration to inspire tween girls to celebrate and embrace the unique qualities that make them “perfectly imperfect” through specially-created online content,

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A few days ago we showed you what Mattel had in store for Masters of the Universe fans at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  Now we get a better explanation, and look, at Vykron.

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DCMattelsan diegoToys

It’s going to be a buying frenzy at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Not only will there be some sweet comics to pick up, but Mattel is planning on selling a bunch of toys exclusive to the show.

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This week, we’re keeping it simple… kinda… We know that you love comics, and we do, too, but we also love toys, and our Nerd Rooms of Doom are littered (quite literally) with action figures of all shapes and sizes.  Which got us to wondering, of the two big toy companies, which company do you have more toys from, and why? VOTE!  

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Back To The FutureMattelME WANTMerchandise

Mattel has announced something every Back to the Future II fans have been waiting to hear – Hoverboards are here.

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Press Release Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP), with DC Entertainment, announced today that it has extended its successful relationship with leading worldwide toy manufacturer, Mattel, Inc. The new multi-year agreement allows Mattel to continue as master toy licensee for the complete universe of DC Comics characters. Under the terms of this strategic alliance, Mattel is granted unprecedented access to the complete breadth and scope of the DC Comics vault of characters, which includes more than a thousand world-famous DC Comics Super Heroes and DC Comics Super Villains, such as Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Joker. Further, the

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When you have young children, one of the channels you will probably end up watching a lot is Sprout Network that features an array of shows from HIT Entertainment.  One of the biggest HIT characters is Thomas the Tank Engine.  But things for HIT Entertainment haven’t been that great lately, and with the company in debt, they had to put out the For Sale sign. In case you haven’t noticed, Thomas the Tank engine still sells a lot of toys, which is probably why Mattel swooped in and bought the company on the cheap.

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If you have deep pockets, and you are willing to wait while severs overload, you might just get your hands on the massive Mattel Legion of Super-Heroes action figure collection.  The set has 12 characters, a gold plated Legion Flight Ring and a PROTY sidekick. If you get in line before I do, please don’t take them all… I really want one. via Matty Collector

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Action FiguresDCLegion of Super HeroesMattel

Mark your calendar and start saving your pennies because Mattel has just announced the big Legion of Super-heroes 12-pack goes on sale October 17, 2011.  The servers will feel the strain of millions logging on at 9:00 AM PDT to get their hands on one of the biggest collections of action figures the company has sold at one time. Also be on the lookout for the DC Universe Classics Wave 17, that features Wonder Woman, The Atom, Scarecrow, Lex Luthor, Hal Jordan AND Hal Jordan, along with the Flash in their Blackest Night lantern costumes. via MattyCollector

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DisneyMattelpixartoy story

Here’s a commercial for Mattel’s Toy Story Command Center that features some cool stop motion animation using the actual toys. I must not let The Boy see this, or he will want everything in the commercial for the upcoming holiday season.

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Action FiguresMattelToys

Mattel has once again extended the deadline for their exclusive toy clubs.  This is the second (and last) time the company has extended the deadline in hopes of getting enough people to sign up for the toy deal.

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Action FiguresMattelToys

There was some pretty big news at the San Diego Comic Con that Mattel was offering a subscription service to fans of their action figure line.  The only problem? The offer was scheduled to close today. Mattel needs a 100% buy-in from fans for the club to move forward, so the company has extended the signup deadline to August 14, 2011.

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