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Mary Jane Watson
MarvelMary JaneSpider-ManVariant

Marvel is putting Mary Jane Watson in the spotlight in June, as the character covers 22 comics.

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MarvelMary JaneVariant

Marvel is turning June into Mary Jane Watson Variant Month and we have the covers for you, right now.

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Black CatFeaturedMarvelMary JaneSpider-ManTop 10

As both Peter Parker and Spider-Man, his friends and family have always shaped Marvel’s most perennially popular protagonist. Many of Spider-Man’s greatest adventures have been infused with the additional drama directly derived from the presence of his loved ones. Some have been held captive by super villains, turned into were-creatures, beaten up, hospitalized, crippled, traumatized for life, turned into criminals, had their marriages dissolved and some have even made the ultimate sacrifice. No, not appearing in a Spidey book written by Todd McFarlane. I’m talking death, folks. Well, as dead as one can be in the today’s comic book marketplace.

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Mary JaneSpider-Man

For those of you who have been crying in your beer ever since the events of Brand New Day, can heave a sigh of releif as the webslinger and the hot model are back together again. Wait, what!? That’s right, True Believers, if you local paper (are there any of those left anymore) carries the Spider-Man comic strip, you saw Peter wake from a dream to discover he and Mary Jane are still hitched.  Check out the editor box for how it happened. It’s too bad the real Spider-Man comic books can’t switch gears this easily. via The Comics Curmudgeon

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MarvelMary JaneReviewSpider-Man

Or – “Personally, I Blame Kirsten Dunst.” So.  I’ve been making the joke for months now, and I’m officially ready to retire it here and now, after one final telling:  “Call the Law Firm of Boucher, Likes, McFadden, and Mephisto for all your divorce needs!  We’ll make it like your marriage never happened!!!”  Given that current edict from the EIC, it seems a little bit odd that this title even EXISTS anymore, but any attempt to bring younger readers (or, indeed, female readers) onboard is a welcome change of pace.  Add in a little Terry Moore, and you’ve got my

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MarvelMary JanePreviewSpider-ManVariant

Fans of Adrian Alphona can catch his next cover as the variant to Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane – a new limited series from Marvel.  Looks pretty sweet!

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Amazing Spider-ManMarvelMary JaneSneak PeekSpider-Man

Here’s the preview you’ve all be waiting for (or fearing depending on who you are) for the Spider-Man One More Day event. The story will be spread through four different Spider-Man titles, and kicks off in Amazing Spider-Man #544. Written by the acclaimed J. Michael Straczynski, who redefined the wall-crawler for a new generation and penciled by Joe Quesada, one of the industry’s most popular artists and Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief, this storyline will tie together story threads seeded throughout JMS’ six year tenure! When this four-part story concludes, nothing will ever be the same for Peter Parker, as his decision affects

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MarvelMarvel ZombiesMary JanePreviewZombies

Marvel has announced yet another printing of the Marvel Zombies hard cover. This fifth printing will have yet another Arthur Suydam cover that is an homage to Mary Jane #1. The hard cover collects Marvel Zombies #1 – #5 that shows what happens when the Marvel Universe goes all zombie. Take the jump for this creepy cover.

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